What You Need To Know About FXCL In The Trading Market?

As an FXCL member, you can trade currency pairs as well as Forex, a range of markets that offers different trading conditions. Before you begin trading, you should ensure your strategy matches the type of instrument. You can also fund your account with Bitcoin, a reliable and cost-effective payment method. With Bitcoin’s recent popularity, more brokers have integrated this payment method into their trading services.

MetaTrader 4 trading platform

One of the best trading platforms available in MetaTrader 4, which offers an impressive set of features for traders of all levels and experience. MT4 includes tools for technical analysis, market of trading robots, mobile trading, and algorithmic trading. FXCL is a global currency trading market that has exceeded all other financial markets in terms of daily volume and is continually growing. FXCL provides customers with 24 hour access to market data through its worldwide information networks.

MetaTrader 4 is the most common and powerful trading platform available for fxcl. The program has numerous built-in trading tools, is highly customizable, and supports back-testing of trading strategies against historical data. This means that if you find a trading strategy that works well with historical data, you can easily implement it in a live trading environment. It is free to download and use on your desktop or mobile device.

Fixed and floating spreads

There are two main types of spread in the trading market – fixed and floating. This price difference will not change, even when the market prices fluctuate. Fixed spreads are offered by market makers, while floating spreads are offered by non-dealing desks. When traders buy a commodity or a stock, they pay a wholesale price for it, and sell it at a retail price. The trader earns a profit for the difference, while the seller adjusts their profit based on market volatility.

The main difference between fixed and floating spreads lies in the level of protection each type provides. While fixed spreads are more beneficial for scalpers, they are not as profitable for news traders.

Leverage rates

The fxcl Markets offer different account types based on their leverage. The Standard account is for those who want to trade in USD, EUR, MYR and THB cents. Its maximum leverage is 1:500. The other accounts come with varying levels of leverage. Standard account traders can trade in USD, EUR, MYR and THB cents. They can also trade in NGN, THB and USD cents.

One of the main benefits of fxcl markets is their intuitive trading platform. They provide educational materials and assistive material. It is possible to sign up for a demo account for free and try out the market risk-free. Unlike some other trading platforms, fxcl markets don’t charge withdrawal fees, which is another plus. If you are new to trading, you can open an eToro account and learn the ropes of trading on the site.


FXCL offers various bonus types for traders. The Smart Bonus, for example, combines bonus terms to double every investment. Additionally, it allows faster withdrawals. Traders may use this bonus to fund their trading accounts, regardless of their size. Moreover, the Smart Bonus can be active on multiple trading accounts simultaneously. This bonus allows the trader to have half-volume accounts. But, it is worth noting that these bonuses can be abused or used for illegal activities.

For example, the Start account trades in USD, while the Interbank Cent and Start accounts trade in MYR, THB, and NGN. The Interbank Cent and Start accounts offer fixed spreads, while the ECN Pro account offers variable spreads. For forex, the Standard account offers a leverage of 1:500, while the ECN Pro account offers a leverage of 0.1 pip.

Customer support

In the trading market, customer support is vital to any broker. While most brokers offer live chat support, FXCL provides email and phone support. You may also request a return call. In case you are concerned about your account’s security, FXCL will make sure to get back to you quickly.

The company’s customer support is second to none. They are available via email and phone to help you make the right decisions when trading in the forex market. They also offer a demo account, as well as educational and assistive materials. There are no fees to open an account or withdraw funds, and there’s no registration or sign-up required. While they offer a variety of trading opportunities, you should note that some countries aren’t eligible to trade on their platform.