What Are Digital Marketing Trends in 2022?

As the digital marketing industry changes, it can be difficult to keep up with digital marketing trends. Continue reading to learn more about all the relevant trends. Additionally, remember the basic ingredient Internet when you look at the trends. Make sure you have an excellent WiFi connection like Mediacom. It has a good reputation, solid packages, and excellent Mediacom customer service. They offer 24/7 customer support.

With that sorted, let us start with the trends!

1. Influencers

With the recent rise of influencer marketing, brands increasingly recognize influential content’s power. Nevertheless, if influencers fail to deliver a consistent message, brands are likely to face public scrutiny and a loss of credibility. Brands can ensure that their influencers remain committed to creating content that resonates with their audiences by ensuring that their influencers create content relevant to their audience.

2. Voice search

According to Google, voice-based searches will make up over 20% of all mobile queries by 2022, and 65% of millennials already use such technology on a daily basis. The booming use of voice technology is driving the adoption of AI voice assistants, with BI Intelligence reporting that over half of Google searches are now made through voice. With more consumers turning to voice search as a convenient way to find products and services, marketers need to be prepared.

3. AI predicts customer’s next move

Artificial intelligence (AI) can predict a customer’s next move based on past behavior. Amazon and Alibaba, for instance, can track the products a customer clicks on or removes from their shopping carts. Both companies use data models and AI to synthesize their findings. With enough data, AI can target particular customers or groups. As a result, AI applications can enhance customer experience, improve sales strategies, and automate internal tasks.

4. Marketing via videos

Due to TikTok, the videos can go viral and allow brands and ordinary people to reach out to thousands of users across the globe every day. The challenges allow creators to kick off an era while also creating brand recognition using content created by users as fuel to spread the wildfire.

The popularity of TikTok’s platform prompted other brands like Instagram to begin competing in video-related features. Instagram then introduced Instagram reels that launched worldwide in more than 50 countries on August 20, 2020. Innovative options and trends like using video transitions prompted creators to join this trend in an attempt to make it viral on Instagram.

Instagram Reels aims to bring more interaction with users, which has received positive feedback from influencers, brands, and users. It’s not a coincidence that Pinterest and LinkedIn have also invested in video capabilities as the trend continues to expand and allows businesses to reach a more engaged audience of fans.

5. Marketing automation

In the past, many major marketing magazines like HubSpot, eMarketeer, and SalesForce have reported that companies that utilize automation to help nurture prospects see an exponential increase in qualified leads.

Sending an email sequence is an automated method that allows you to follow-up with the lead regularly, providing resources that will help in your sales, education, or items and/or services. Beyond newsletters sent via email, Messenger bots (also called chatbots) are becoming increasingly well-known as they’ve aided in reducing the cost of operations as well as customer support and expenses.

6. Chatbots

With the rise of messaging applications, it’s no surprise that chatbots have become a popular new technology among businesses and consumers alike. This artificial intelligence (AI) system interacts with customers through text, speech, or message. Chatbots have the potential to increase your business’ sales by providing personalized customer service. Investing in this technology today will give you an edge over the competition.

7. Live stream shopping

Unlike conventional shopping, live stream shopping allows consumers to interact with the brand in real-time, which will increase the likelihood of a sale. Customers are drawn to the live experience because it is educational, entertaining, and interactive. The brand can use this to speed up the buying process, and time-sensitive offers can drive conversion rates. Live streaming can boost sales 10 times more than traditional eCommerce. The live event can also help brands promote exclusive deals.

8. Personalization

It is no surprise that personalization has become such a hot topic in the digital marketing industry, as it is closely tied to a customer’s experience and perception of a brand. A positive brand experience may involve a staff member greeting a customer by name or a retailer recommending products or content based on the consumer’s behavior in the store. In either case, successful personalization equals quality experiences and customer satisfaction.


You can make 2022 your year of digital marketing excellence, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You can learn the most current digital marketing skills to grow your business.

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