Want to Start a Wedding Planning Company? Top Tips to Get  Started

Weddings are big business. They’re the one excuse that people usually allow themselves to go all out on an event, which is why the average prices seem to be increasing each year. While you don’t need a big event to celebrate your day, there’s also no reason not to if you can afford it. The larger the event, however, the more difficult it becomes to plan and manage on your own.

That’s where wedding planners come into play. They bring big dreams for weddings to life and handle everything so it goes smoothly from day one. While there is a lot of demand for wedding planners, it can be hard to get started and harder to stand out. With this guide, however, you’ll be well on your way to finding your footing and launching a successful new business venture:

Start with Friends and Family

The best way to get new clients is to showcase what you’ve done and pulled together in the past. Therefore, the best people to take on as your first clients are your friends and family. Don’t hold out for a wedding, either. Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries – all of these are excellent practices and can be used in your portfolio.

Use the Right Management Tools From the Start

It’s hard to keep track of timelines, vendors, contact details, things to do, etc. In the past, assistants would be used to help you keep track of everything. While you’ll eventually want to bring assistants in, you don’t need them immediately. There are management tools that can help you keep track of vendors, timelines, and more, all in one easy place. You owe it to yourself to go through and understand all of the available features and pick an events planning management solution from the get-go.

Build Up Suppliers and Vendors Lists

Wedding planners, at the end of the day, are coordinators. Like general contractors, they hire the necessary people to get the job done. Your clients will expect you to know the best people for the job and, if you don’t, to get in touch. This means bartenders, caterers, musicians, entertainment, rental companies, and more. Going through, making connections, and pre-vetting your suppliers makes it far easier to put together a quality wedding in less time. If you know where to immediately go and find TIPS-certified wedding bartenders, that’s just one thing off the to-do list and more time available to bring the nuances of the bride’s dream to life.

Getting Your Name Out There

There are several great ways to get your name out there for more clients to find you. The first is to use good old marketing. Social media marketing, in particular, can be a great way to physically show the effort that goes into your job and the results themselves. You’ll also want to get referrals (or commissions). For example, if a vendor recommends you as a wedding planner, you give them a percentage of your fee. The same should apply in the reverse, so everyone benefits and you can grow through word-of-mouth marketing.

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