Visit the UAN Portal to Download Your EPFO Passbook

With the average Indian human life expectancy going beyond the active employment age, there is a pressing need for salaried employees to have social security for their sustenance after they retire from service. The Employees Provident Fund is India’s best social security measure that allows salaried employees to save a substantial sum throughout their employment to help them lead a dignified life after their working days are over.

The Employee Provident Fund Office offers a unified online portal, the UAN Portal, for the convenience of salaried employees. Amongst the various benefits of this online portal, employees can download and access their EPFO passbook to ascertain their PF balances anytime.

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme

EPF is a social security facility managed by EPFO under the Employees Provident Fund Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952. This scheme covers all registered establishments employing twenty persons or more. However, organizations employing under twenty persons can also join the scheme under specific conditions.

The EPF scheme compulsorily covers all employees drawing a monthly salary of less than Rs 15,000. However, employees drawing over the prescribed limit can join the scheme with the Assistant PF Commissioner’s permission, provided the employer agrees.

The EPFO manages an online UAN portal enabling EPF members to access their accounts online.

What is the UAN Portal?

UAN denotes Universal Account Number. The name suggests that it is unique and remains constant throughout the employee’s career irrespective of whether the employee switches jobs during their lives. As employees change jobs, they get new member IDs allotted by the different establishments. The UAN acts as an umbrella uniting multiple member IDs to help users view their PF details on the UAN portal.

Users can access the portal by using the UAN as their login ID, entering their password, and completing the captcha. On accessing the portal, they can perform the following activities.

  1. Download or print their updated EPFO passbook anytime
  2. Download or print their UAN card
  3. Update their KYC information

Besides, employees who have authenticated their Aadhar Card and bank details seeded against their UAN can submit PF withdrawals, settlement, and transfer claims online.

Before we see how to view the EPFO passbook, let us go through the UAN activating procedure.

How to generate your UAN?

The UAN is a 12-digit universal number allotted by the EPFO. Employees can generate their UAN in three simple steps.

  • Through their employers – The employer accesses the EPF Employer portal using their establishment ID and password. Then, they register the employee’s KYC details and approve them. Finally, the EPFO generates the unique UAN enabling the employer to link it with the employee’s PF account.
  • Through the UAN portal – Employees can access the UAN portal and generate the UAN by clicking on the ‘Aadhar Card Verified UAN allotment’ option. Then, provide the Aadhar details and enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number. Then, they get their UAN delivered through SMS.
  • Using PF Number – Employees access the UAN portal and enter their PF number after selecting their state and EPFO office. Then, validate the OTP received on the registered mobile number to get the UAN as an SMS message.

On generating their UAN, members have to activate the UAN to use the portal’s services.

How to Activate UAN?

Users cannot log in to the E-Sewa portal without activating their UAN. The activation process requires the user to access the E-Sewa portal and click on the ‘Activate UAN’ option. Provide the details asked by the system to obtain the Authorization PIN on your registered mobile. Validate the PIN and click on the ‘Validate and Activate UAN’ option. The UAN gets activated, and users receive the password on their mobile number. Users can access their respective accounts and change the password for safety purposes.

The various services available on the UAN portal are viewing, downloading, and printing the EPFO passbook.

The EPFO Passbook

The EPFO passbook provides complete details of the user’s PF account. If the user has multiple EPF accounts, they will have a different passbook. However, the UAN remains the same, regardless of the number of EPF accounts for the user.

Users can download the passbook in PDF format. However, it does require a password to open the PDF.

Visit here :

Click here :

Visit this site :

Let us see how to access the UAN portal and view the EPFO passbook.

How to view the EPFO passbook?

Users log into the portal using their UAN and password. The login requires the user to perform a simple arithmetic calculation to confirm no bots at work. If the user has multiple member IDs, all the IDs are displayed. The employee can select the particular member ID to view the respective EPFO passbook.

Users should note the following.

  • The facility to view the passbook is available to members registered on the UAN portal.
  • The passbook will be available after six hours of registration on the portal.
  • Changes, if any, will become effective on the portal after six hours.
  • The passbook will contain the entries that have been authorized and reconciled at the EPFO field offices.
  • The passbook facility is unavailable for inoperative members, PF settled accounts and exempted establishment members.

What does the EPFO passbook contain?  

The EPFO passbook contains all the details in the employee’s PF accounts. These details comprise the following.

  • The name of the employee, organization, and office location
  • The monthly contribution from the employee’s side
  • The monthly contribution from the employer’s side
  • The interest deposited into the member’s PF account
  • The monthly contribution towards the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) account

Final Thoughts

EPFO has made it convenient for its member establishments and employees to view and operate their PF accounts online. Users can access the official UAN portal and view, download, or print their EPFO passbook. They can also register claims and submit their PF withdrawals and settlement online. The UAN portal is handy as it provides the required information to the users without inconveniencing them in any way. Hence, all salaried employees should know the UAN and regularly check their EPF balances.   

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