The tendency of human beings towards fame is beyond words. The fantasy of being popular is that people consider them lucky for having an easy life free from financial problems and always happy. When you’re famous, you get both fame and money. Today, we are presenting you with some of the teens and kids who got popular and went viral for their talents and how they achieved all of that at a very young age by just following their passions. Read the article to its end to know the details of these young rising stars businesstodaysnews.


Starting with Autumn James Hallisay, she was born on November 26, 2013 to Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay in Los Angeles, California. She’ll be eight years old by 2022. As she was born into a financially settled family, she got the opportunity to study at one of the prestigious schools in her area. She grew up with her younger brother, Atticus James Hallisay. She has a beautiful bond with her mother, and the two of them often go shopping together. Probably, Autumn loves shopping as well. Autumn has a fair complexion, with light brown eyes and black hair. Her mother, on the other hand, touched the zenith of success through her acting skills at a very young age. Auntumn would surely become successful in her time like her mother. Autumn James has currently no account on social media because she’s quite young, but she’s been seen multiple times on her parents’ accounts.


The fourteen-year-old Tiana Wilson is a YouTuber by profession and was born in Nattingam, England. She posts videos related to toys, and her channel is mainly focused on the game Roblox. The channel was called “Toys and Me,” in which she would post reviews and unboxings of her toys; later, her focus shifted to Roblox. Before starting her own channel, she was inspired by other YouTubers, which encouraged her to post gaming content in April 2015. Her videos have earned him over 10 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views, which is insane. Her parents are proud of her for gaining this much fame and popularity at such a young age. Her dad, Nigel, helps her make videos. She also has an older brother named Jordan, who has been seen in her videos. Her mother’s name is Chernina. Her net worth is $3 million, which is more than enough for a 14-year-old.


How Old is Ranboo, The 19-year-old American born on November 2, 2003, is a Twitch star and a YouTuber with more than 3 million subscribers. He showcases Minecraft videos on Twitch. The blonde-haired boy is always seen with a mask in his videos; although he has been in many influencers’ videos, he is still seen with a mask and large black glasses. Some people believe that he has a kind of allergy on his face, but many think that it could be for privacy reasons. His net worth is assumed to be somewhere between $70 thousand and $1 million as of 2021. His monthly income from Twitch is almost 58 thousand dollars. He almost streams every day on Twitch, and people absolutely love watching his content. He’s become a hot topic today. About her family, he has never talked about his family or siblings on social media, so none is known about them famousmagazinenow.


Lebron James is a professional basketball player who was awarded the opportunity to go straight into the NBA at his high school, and he was the greatest high school player ever. So, without any doubt, he would have been a really good player to be offered this opportunity. He has been awarded many great rewards over the years, including three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, and two Olympic gold medals. His net worth is approximately $450 million. Lebron James Torn BDH is happily married to Savannah Brinson, with whom he shares three children. He’s the first NBA player to become a billionaire. He had a luxurious lifestyle and has many mansions in Los Angeles and Coconut Grove that are worth millions of dollars. The famous basketball player owns many cars as well knowcarupdate.