Top 5 Strategies for Cursed Treasure to Achieve High Scores

Are you tired of playing Cursed Treasure, the best among the tower defense Onlne Games and not achieving the high scores you desire? Do you feel like you’re missing out on something crucial that other players know? Well, have no fear because we’ve got you covered. We will be sharing some of the top strategies for Cursed Treasure. These strategies will help you achieve those high scores and become a pro player. 

 Consider the Map Layout.

The first thing to consider when placing towers is the layout of the map. Look for chokepoints, or areas where enemies are forced to move through a narrow passage. These areas are ideal for placing towers. They allow you to concentrate your firepower on a smaller area. Take note of any obstacles or terrain features that might block the line of sight of your towers.

Upgrade Your Towers Wisely.

Upgrading towers is another critical aspect of Cursed Treasure. Upgrading towers increases their damage output, range, and attack speed. However, upgrading towers also requires resources, which must be managed carefully.

It is important to prioritize tower upgrades based on the type of enemies that are coming in each wave. Suppose, you have heavily-armored enemies coming in the next wave. Then It is necessary to upgrade the Orc Tower before upgrading the Goblin To

Identify the Enemy Types.

Different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to consider this when placing towers. For example, some enemies might be resistant to certain types of damage, or have the ability to fly over obstacles. Make sure you have towers that can deal with all types of enemies.

 Balance the Types of Towers.

It’s important to have a balance of different types of towers in your defense. Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses.Having a variety of towers will help you deal with different enemy types. Additionally, some towers might be more effective against certain types of enemies. So it’s important to have a variety of towers to deal with any situation.

 Upgrade Your Towers

Upgrading your towers is crucial in tower defense games at sites like Game Gab. Not only do upgrades increase the damage and range of your towers, but they also add additional effects. These effects can be anything fromslowing down enemies or dealing area of effect damage. Make sure to upgrade your towers as soon as possible. This will make them more effective against tougher enemies.

 Place Towers in Groups.

Placing towers in groups can be more effective than placing them individually. This is because towers in a group can support each other, dealing more damage and covering a larger area. Additionally, groups of towers can be upgraded together, making them even more powerful.

 Use Your Spells Effectively.

Spells are powerful tools that can turn the tide of battle in Cursed Treasure. There are several different types of spells available, including offensive spells like Meteor and defensive spells like Shield. Using spells strategically can help players overcome tough challenges. With spells, you can defeat even the most difficult enemies. For example, using the Freeze spell to slow down a group of enemies can buy valuable time for towers to finish them off.

Plan Your Tactics Ahead of Time.

Tactical planning is essential in Cursed Treasure. Before starting a level, players should take the time to develop a solid plan for each wave of enemies. This plan should take into account tower selection, tower upgrading, spell usage, and resource management.A good plan can help players stay focused and avoid making costly mistakes during gameplay. For example, planning to upgrade the Goblin Tower before the Orc Tower can help players deal with fast-moving enemies more effectively.

Manage Your Resources Carefully.

Resource management is a key aspect of Cursed Treasure. Players must carefully manage their gold, mana, and gems in order to succeed in this game. Gold is used to purchase and upgrade towers, mana is used to cast spells, and gems are the ultimate objective of the game.

Balance Resource Usage.

It is important to balance resource usage with resource collection. Players should avoid spending too much gold or mana too quickly. This can leave them vulnerable to enemy attacks. It is also important to collect as many gems as possible. These are required to progress to the next level.


Achieving high scores in Cursed Treasure requires a combination of strategy, resource management, and quick thinking. By implementing the top 5 strategies discussed in this content, players can significantly improve their chances of success. Remember to prioritize upgrading towers, strategically placing them on the map, using spells wisely, and optimizing gem usage. With practice and persistence, players can master the game and become champions of Cursed Treasure.

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