Top 5 Great Apps for Managing Your Personal Budget

Is the economic situation no longer satisfying you? Then it’s time to actively apply the business phrase “cut the craps” to personal budgeting. Here are 5 user-friendly apps that can help control spending and reallocate expenses.


CoinKeeper is probably one of the most suitable options for beginners who started to keep tables in Excel or by hand in a notebook, got confused, got tired of endless calculations, got frustrated and abandoned the tedious attempts.

This budgeting app has a “Learning” function and a “Help” section, a clear interface with coins. All messages from banks are automatically recognized so you don’t have to manually enter income and expenses. CoinKeeper also carefully tells you when it’s time to pay your debts and loans, which will help you avoid extra fees. It isn’t the most pleasant part of the budget, but there will be no delays and unnecessary worries.


Using Moneon is as easy as creating a 22Bet login. Moneon has two cool features. You can have different wallets. For example, one for “everyday” life, and one for vacation: it’s no secret that you have to keep a close eye on your budget on vacation, or you might come home with a hole in your pocket. Or for business trips – because those expenditures have little overlap with the “normal”. In short, wallets are useful when you have atypical expenses. The main thing is not to abuse this function, or you will get a crazy mess of bills, in which you get bogged down. 

Budgeting is also available to you. A vital thing for moths and anyone whose mind goes off when they enter the mall. You budget how much money you will spend on, say, entertainment. After each transaction you put in, Moneon will calculate how much you have left – and visually show you. If you’re running out of budget every month and can’t pull yourself together, Moneon will save you the trouble, make your life easier, and help you save extra.

Budget OK

First, you’ll be metaphorically encouraged to take control of your personal finances here, and they don’t sound like “How I achieved success just by believing in it” kind of advice. Second, this app has a user-friendly start screen, a history of money transactions, and visualized reports. It doesn’t yet have the ability to keep joint accounting and synchronize with other gadgets, but, as the developers promise, soon they should appear too.


Besides short-term plans like small purchases that will be useful in the here and now, it’s also worth making long-term plans. Even if you’re not yet thinking about what you’re going to live on in retirement or looking at an apartment, you can’t save for them in a couple of weeks or months.

Wallet promises to take care of your budget in a way that will accommodate large expenditures in the future. Choose one of the proposed solutions – and if not as quickly as you would like, but still dreams will begin to turn into reality.

Money Lover

“Where does the money go?” is a rhetorical question. However, if you start to get into it, rhetoric quite easily turns into practice: look at cute charts and Money Lover icons for specific purposes and understand how much you spend on sports, grooming, restaurants, self-development, and several other categories.

Besides automatic categories, you can create categories that are relevant to you. Moreover, the app sends a notification, gently warning you that you’ve already reached that month’s limit, the noble shopping will have to be delayed a bit, and you’ll avoid extra spendings.

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