Tips to Score a Real Designer Bag

Designer bags are not hard to come by if you have the right resources. When you look for the easier ways to get hold of a Bottega Veneta bag, that is when you get ripped off by someone. There are numerous ways to sidestep digging through fakes for authentic designer bags. The most obvious one is contacting a trusted dealer. Once you are familiar with a reputed dealer, they can advise you on picking out the fakes from the real ones.

Until then, read on to find a few ways to ensure you get the real thing for the price you pay.

Hunt for Serial Numbers

Luxury brands rarely make identical pieces. When high-end craftsmen build designer bags, they sew a unique serial number into one of the pockets of the products. This tags the product as one of the authentic pieces a designer house has produced.

However, it need not always be a serial number. It can be anything from an artist’s signature to microchipping. With the right in-depth research, you can determine these signs for respective brands.

Caught in Colour

Designer houses make bags in conventional colours like black, brown, and perhaps beige all the time. But, some limited edition pieces come in vibrant colours and are coveted by handbag enthusiasts. This is a chance for the knockoff versions to take over.

So, if all the other details except the colour look authentic for a limited edition designer bag, look up if the brand has made such a piece. If the company’s information matches the seller’s, go ahead and make that bag yours.

A Keen Eye for the Details

Amateur luxury items make a mistake all the time. They believe that if the product is marked with a high price and looks like it belongs to a high-end brand, then the item must be authentic. However, this is not true. Even if the handbag looks designer at first glance, the details may tell you a different story.

For instance, PRADA might be spelt wrong on the tag, or the flagship design of Louis Vuitton may have the smallest difference. These are the easiest ways to fool one’s eyes; you should be wary of them.

Patience is Key

If new designer bags do not fit your budget, thrifting is an option to explore. Thrifting requires patience and commitment, however. If you are eager to find a certain bag, but your hopes are running low, you must wait until the right chances appear. Better yet, you can start looking for a different bag or pay attention to the ones you have to soothe your ego for the time being.

The Highest Price Does Not Mean Real Goods

Understandably, designer handbags have a higher price. However, the dealer who sells a Bottega Veneta bag worth $3,000 for $4,000 is not giving out the real bag—finding a designer bag for prices lower than expectations can happen when you know the right places to look. Confusing higher prices with authenticity is one of the easiest ways to get ripped off when buying luxury items.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing luxury items is a tricky road to navigate. Once you get the hang of the process, it becomes easier, but until then, trial and error is your resort. Being flexible and maintaining good relationships with trusted dealers is the best way to keep the fakes from lining up in your wardrobe.

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