The Top Ways to Reduce a Child’s Risk of Death in a Car Crash

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child passing away. Sadly, according to CDOT, child collisions are still the leading cause of death for kids (Colorado Department of Transportation). The organisation reports that in a recent year, a car accident caused the deaths of two kids under the age of 13 per day. These crashes were the third most common preventable cause of injury for kids between the ages of one and fourteen.

If your child was hurt in a car accident when another driver was at fault, speak with a Grand Junction car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

High Risk of Serious Injuries or Death Among Children Ages 0 to 14

When another motorist runs a vehicle recklessly, many children have lost their lives. Accidents can result in fatalities or severe injuries that leave a helpless youngster permanently incapacitated physically, mentally, or both. It is impossible to stress the importance of using the proper child restraints when considering that 60% of wounded children are thrown from the car. The most important thing is to protect your child; parents may take several precautions while putting them in a vehicle.

  • Make sure the car seat restraints are being used properly.
  • Never let an unsupervised youngster ride in a car.
  • Verify that Colorado has given the car seat its approval before using it.
  • Children too old for a booster or car seat must use seatbelts.
  • Put your child in the backseat of your car.
  • Get assistance when picking a car seat to ensure it fits your child’s size.
  • Make sure the chest clip is positioned correctly.
  • Wiggle the seat to ensure the car seat base is properly fastened.
  • Check the car seat personally if your child is going with another individual.
  • Before making a purchase, check for recalled car seats.
  • Before putting your child in a car seat, read and comprehend the instruction handbook.
  • Make sure the straps are placed and appropriately tensioned.
  • An expert in child passenger safety might be able to help you.

Who Is Responsible?

If another driver caused the collision, liability might be clear-cut. The circumstance can be more complicated in some instances, such as when a parent does not have their child buckled into a car seat. The extent of the injuries may be much worse for a child who is thrown from a car, is not properly restrained, or is restrained at all.