The Pros and Cons of Getting Real Instagram Likes from Pro Partners

When it comes to getting more visibility for your brand, social media is one of the most popular ways to get in front of your audience. Instagram is no exception. As one of the most popular photo-sharing apps, users upload photos and videos that showcase their lives and interests. The best time to leverage this audience? Now more than ever before. With an estimated 186 million users, plus a billion monthly views, there’s never been a better time to have an Instagram presence. But with all the recent changes that have taken place over the past few months, it can be challenging to keep up with all the new developments if you don’t have access to a team of dedicated account managers. If you’re looking for tips on how to build your brand as an emerging niche brand without having access to large budgets or team resources, you’re in luck today! This blog post is going to cover everything you need to know about creating an effective strategy for growing your Instagram presence as an emerging niche brand while also limiting your risk when it comes to working with partners who might not be able to uphold their end of the bargain once they gain access to your account.

What is an Instagram Strategy?

Instagram strategies are the plans your team comes up with to help grow your Instagram account. Depending on the niche you’re in, it can be challenging to come up with an effective strategy. You want to choose a strategy that’s going to help you reach not only your core audience but also get your brand in front of a wider audience who may not be currently following you. Instagram strategies should be based on studies that look at how users interact with posts and how they find your account. You can use TurboMedia to help you with free Instagram like responses, and followers to suit your growth needs. Once you have a strategy, you want to make sure your partners are following it too. Once you’ve got an effective strategy in place, it’s important to make sure your partners are following that strategy as well.

Decide if Pro Partners are Right for You

As more brands look to partner with influencers, the quality of partners has also increased in quality. But how do you know if partnering with a pro partner is right for your brand? This is a question you’ll want to answer first by thinking about what your Instagram strategy is going to be. Once you’ve got that figured out, you can think about which partners would be right for your account. Before choosing any partners, it’s important to do your research on partners and understand their motives for partnering with brands. One thing to keep in mind is that some partners will have a lot of followers and others will have a lot of engagement, but not both. The best partners will be balanced in their follower count, meaning they have a decent amount of followers but also have a decent amount of comments and likes on their posts. Once you know what type of partners you want to work with, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to see which posts have received the most shares and likes. Once you’ve got an idea of which posts are getting the most shares, you can use that information to inform your strategy.

Know the Difference Between a Pro and DIY Partner

Partners come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found anywhere online. Some partners can be pros while others may be deemed as pros by your followers. While both types of partners can help your Instagram grow, there are some key differences between these two types of partners. Pros partner with brands that are looking to focus on an established following and are looking to expand their reach through social media. Because they’re focused on growing a large following, they’re likely to have experience growing audiences from Instagram with their accounts. This means they can help you avoid the common mistakes that newer brands make when it comes to Instagram marketing. DIY partners are more likely to be newer to social media, so they can be more flexible since they’re just starting. This means you don’t have to worry about them making the same mistakes that more established brands have made before. Both types of partners can be beneficial depending on your needs, but pros will likely be more beneficial than DIY partners.

Avoid Toxic Partners Who Will Ruin Your Campaign Before it Starts

When you’re choosing partners, it’s important to avoid anyone toxic. What’s a toxic partner? A toxic partner is someone who is constantly complaining, who demands constant payment, or who is constantly asking for more shares. The best partners will be responsive when you message them and are looking to partner with you for the right reasons. A good partner is someone who is looking to build a good relationship and is looking to create a mutually beneficial partnership. A toxic partner is someone who is looking to make money off your brand at any cost. Toxic partners are likely to ruin your campaign before it starts. If you’re working with a toxic partner, consider whether you want to work with them or find a new partner. Toxic partners can ruin your Instagram account before they even begin. Avoid partners like this at any cost because they’re going to cost you a lot of time and energy before they begin to bring in revenue.

Know When to Have Real People Manage Your Instagram Account

There are several times when you want to consider partnering with real people to manage your Instagram account. If you’re looking to grow your account, it’s important to make sure your posts are up to date and that they’re engaging with your audience. But if you’re in the middle of a campaign and you need to sacrifice time for growth, it may be best to have a human manager take over for your account. When you need to make decisions based on timing and growth, having a real person dedicated to your account will be beneficial. These types of decisions are based on your overall growth, not just the growth of your Instagram account. If you have a more important account that you need to keep up with, you may want to consider delegating the management of your Instagram account until you can take some time off to focus on your other accounts.

Help People Find Your Content on Instagram

Once your accounts are active and growing on Instagram, it’s important to ensure that people are finding your content. If people aren’t finding your content, they’re not going to be able to see what you’re doing. Instagram is a visual platform, meaning your content needs to be engaging. This means it’s important to make sure your images are well-lit and that they have clear call-to-actions (CTAs). You can also consider using a tool like BuzzSumo to help you find posts that are getting the most shares. Once you’ve found your content, use tools like GIPHY to create GIFs and Caption This to add captions.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a visual platform designed to showcase your life and interests. The best time to leverage this audience is now more than ever before. Once you have a strategy in place, make sure your partners are following that strategy as well. Once you’ve made sure that your strategy is effective, make sure people are finding your content. Once people are finding your content, make sure you’re growing as an individual Instagram account is only as strong as the content it produces.

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