The Importance of Occupational Health

Occupational health is an important topic to focus on in the workplace. Experts in the field aim to control short-term and long-term hazards related to a company’s work environment. Moreover, nearly three million Americans suffer from some type of work-related illness every year, and millions more are exposed to environmental health risks. Therefore, understanding the importance of occupational healthcare is crucial for a company’s overall success. This article will explore some of the main benefits of occupational health and how it can benefit your employees.

The growth of the industrial sector has created thousands of jobs

During the 19th century, occupational health focused on manual labor. The growth of the industrial sector in the United States led to factories and thousands of jobs. These jobs were often unskilled and involved heavy manual labor. These workplaces were also filled with safety hazards, and the Massachusetts Bureau of Labor reported numerous cases of loss of limbs, as well as the lack of proper ventilation. Workers were forced to breathe toxic fumes and accumulated dust, which caused several illnesses, including cancer.

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Provides thousands of jobs to inexperienced workers

The focus of occupational health was on manual labor. After the Civil War, factories popped up all over the country and provided thousands of jobs for young, inexperienced workers. But the working environment was filled with risks and injuries. The Massachusetts Bureau of Labor report highlighted many lost limbs and accidents resulting from factory work. The poor ventilation in these factories also contributed to the high incidence of illness and death. During these years, occupational health programs became a critical part of the workplace.

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