The IceFang Tactical Harness For Dogs

The IceFang Tactical Harness For Pets is made from the strongest materials available in today’s market: military 1050D nylon. The harness has an adjustable harness strap for the comfort of your dog. This breathable and strong material is durable and comfortable to wear on your pet. Unlike traditional dog collars, the IceFang Tactical For Pets does not have buckles that can be damaged.

Convenient to hold the dog from the side

Unlike traditional harnesses, the ICEFANG Tactical For Dogs comes with a handle on the top. It is convenient to grab the dog from the side, and the handle makes it ideal for pulling it out of the car trunk. You can use the harness to serve as your dog’s personal sherpa. The ICEFANG Tactical For Pets is made of heavy duty, escape-proof materials and is also comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used to match the outfit of your service dog.

Used to carry dog essentials

The ICEFANG Tactical For Pets can be used to carry a dog’s essentials. The harness also comes with a patch for service dogs, which is handy for preventing distractions while your dog is on duty. In addition to being practical, the ICEFANG Tactical For Pet’s harness is extremely stylish and functional. It has a range of colors and features, including an adjustable handle for easy removal.