The Goals of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the process of integrating the economic, social and environmental aspects of development. Its goals include reducing poverty, achieving equitable distribution of resources, and protecting the environment. Currently, only the United States has included a sustainable development clause in its constitution. However, governments around the world are putting sustainability on the agenda of industry and government. Some recent legal systems have also incorporated a sustainability element, such as the Government of Wales Act, which regulates the functions and responsibilities of the National Assembly of Wales.

Prosperous Democracy and Climate Change Prevention

Despite the goals being broad and interdependent, sustainable development is meant to promote healthy communities, thriving democracy and the prevention of climate change. It seeks to improve the quality of life of everyone and promote equal opportunity for all. It is also important to note that sustainable development is not possible without reforming the way government works. This is a critical issue in our world today. Fortunately, we can implement the goal of sustainable development by making a few simple changes to our government.

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Maintaining the balance of human needs

The main goal of sustainable development is to meet present and future needs while preserving the environment. In a nutshell, sustainable development recognizes the need to balance man’s needs with those of nature. It believes that growth should be inclusive and environmentally sound and should be carried out in a manner that preserves the planet. It also requires careful planning to maximize the use of resources and to plan for the future. So, while it is possible to achieve growth without environmental degradation, it is not possible to achieve it.

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