Short Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Absence of Creativity

Creativity depends on how you narrate a story. Your viewers will only retain the plot of your short video if there is a fascinating story to convey. Creativity lies in more than just colorful graphics or a good-looking video. Even if you are using a regular video, you can enhance it by overlaying or animating a specific portion of the video to make it enjoyable. Involve an outsider not related to the industry to talk about the product and share their knowledge through examples related to their personal experience.

2. Avoid Making lengthy Videos.

Indian short video apps have become popular in the last few years. People’s attention span is reducing day by day. Creating long videos could make your consumers lose interest. An efficient video should be at most 3 minutes. The video’s first few seconds are crucial to ensure your audiences are hooked to it. The first few seconds are the deal breaker for the audience when they decide whether to watch it further or not. The length of the video is influenced by various elements, including the targeted audience, the video’s aim, which demographic is targeted, and on which platform it will be uploaded.

3. Giving More Information

Keep your videos short and crisp. Giving away too much information might be a deal breaker. The audience may want to scroll away from your content if it is lengthy and watch something fun and witty. Cut out on unnecessary information with industry knowledge. Suppose you have to convey something longer; only include some of it in a single video. Instead, make a series of videos that will interest your audience. Also, adding too much information in a single video diverts the user’s attention from the main point.

4. Hidden CTA

Audiences tend to look for a call to action. CTA is included within the video or at the end after instructing the audience on what they should do next. These finishing remarks are essential to the success of the videos as they help convert leads. While creating your video, incorporate a call to action at the end so that the audience has an idea of what to do next.

5. Focusing on The Product Rather Than the Audience

Focus on what buyers might value or benefit from using your product or service rather than explaining and focusing on the product’s technical features. Study the need of the buyers thoroughly and then think of how the product will benefit them. Keep the focus on the audience, consider users’ questions, and work on providing solutions in the video. When planning on the script, think about how you can gain the audience’s attention to notice your product. It is crucial to guide the user through the purchase process.

6. Look For Immediate Results

The most common error marketers make is to expect immediate results from a new campaign. Most brand campaigns take their time to create returns and build traction. The strategy behind launching a video is to spread and circulate the video to the audience. You can still achieve significant success with a video marketing strategy even without a million followers. It just takes a video to go viral. Having a good amount of shares, likes and visits increases the traffic and shows positive results. The short video format is a marketing strategy that yields results in a long-term vision.

7. Lack of Branding

While making Indian short video for a brand campaign, you want to leave a long-lasting impact on the audience’s mind. Good branding is strengthened by loyalty, trust, and awareness. Remember to add the brand’s logo, tagline, and brand values at the start and end of the video to make them last for your consumers. It is helpful if you use the same color gradient of the brand throughout your video.

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