Say Goodbye to Pesky Birds: Introducing Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent

Birds are mostly cute, but they can become a nuisance. You find their droppings on your windowsills, they wake you up with their incessant chirping early in the morning, and they leave destruction in fields when flocks show up to feast. That’s right, it’s time to say goodbye to pesky birds. We have a solution for you: repellent devices from Fly Away BMS. With our revolutionary products, you can turn your home or business into a bird-free zone and reclaim your sanity. Keep reading for more details on how Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent can help deter birds from your property.

What Is Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent?

Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is the latest in bird control technology. This innovative product is designed to provide effective and long-lasting protection from birds without harming them in any way. Fly Away BMS has been developed with input from leading experts in avian behavior and bird repellency, resulting in an environmentally friendly solution that is proven to be highly effective at deterring birds. The proprietary formula utilizes natural botanical extracts to create a powerful barrier against nuisance birds such as;

  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Starlings
  • Grackles
  • Blackbirds
  • Crows and other species of pest birds.

It can be used indoors and outdoors and comes in both liquid and granular forms for easy application. Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is safe for the environment and won’t harm birds, pets, or humans.

The Benefits Of Using Fly Away Bms Bird Repellent

  1. Non-toxic and humane – Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is created with 100% natural ingredients that are safe for the environment and won’t harm birds.
  2. Easy installation – Unlike some bird repellents that require complicated installation procedures and costly maintenance contracts, Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is easy to install. All you need to do is attach it to a tree, wall, or other sturdy surface and let the repellent do its job.
  3. Long-lasting protection – Once attached, the repellent will last up to six months, providing long-term protection against nuisance birds.
  4. Cost-effective solution – The cost of applying Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is significantly lower than other bird control options such as nets or trapping, making it an economical choice for businesses and homeowners alike.
  5. Proven results – Not only is Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent cost-effective, but it also works. It has been proven time and time again in field tests, giving you peace of mind that birds will stay away for good.

How To Use Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent

Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent comes in various forms, including;


The blocks are made of synthetic wax and contain harmless bird-repellent oils that emit an odor that birds don’t like.

To use Blocks:

  1. Place blocks in areas where birds land or gather, such as ledges, window sills, railings, etc.
  2. Replace old blocks every few weeks or when the scent starts to wear off.
  3. When necessary, move the blocks around to different areas for maximum effectiveness and coverage.


A spray is a liquid form of the same repellent oil.

To use Spray:

  1. Shake the bottle before spraying and hold the can 8-10 inches from the surface you wish to protect from birds (such as outdoor furniture, railings, etc.).
  2. Spray the entire area liberally until wet.
  3. For maximum protection and longevity of the repellent effect, reapply every few weeks or when necessary.

How Much Does Fly Away BMS Repellent Cost?

Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is designed to provide an affordable solution for ridding your home or business of pesky birds. The cost of the repellent can vary depending on the size of your space, but it typically ranges between $50 and $500. This cost includes installation and ongoing maintenance. For larger spaces, such as those with a few acres of land, the cost may be higher due to additional materials needed for coverage.

Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent is the perfect solution for getting rid of pesky birds that are occupying your outdoor areas. It works quickly, safely, and reliably to ensure optimum results without any hassle. Best of all, it is carefully designed to not harm the birds in any way or cause them further distress. This revolutionary bird repellent provides an efficient and cost-effective resolution with no long-term commitments or hidden service costs. With Fly Away BMS Bird Repellent, you can finally say goodbye to pesky birds and hello to a nuisance-free environment. There’s never been a better time to give it a try – order today and start reclaiming your space from bothersome birds.

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