Restaurant marketing ideas for Halloween

It is October, and it is time to prepare for Halloween for your restaurant business.

Halloween is a celebration of creativity and fun ideas. It is time to transform your restaurant establishment with something spooky, crazy, and freaky for the holidays.

You can edit and update your interactive menu QR code with a Halloween theme. For instance, you can print new table tents for the holidays with Halloween designs and new menu QR codes.

Aside from that, you can also put up some cobwebs or even skeletons anywhere in your restaurant establishment. You can also tell your staff to dress up for Halloween and bring the craze to a notch with spooky and freaky costumes.

Consider employing a QR code menu software for the holidays to streamline your services to customers, especially during Halloween. The software will aid you in running your restaurant during the hectic holidays and cater to customers effectively, as well.

Here are some Halloween promotional ideas for your restaurant.

Halloween ideas

Halloween is not just about freaky Fridays or spooky cobwebs. You can also curate a menu that is suitable for the theme.

Check out these Halloween ideas for your restaurant.

Host a Freaky Friday party in your restaurant

Hosting events in your restaurant can drive more customer traffic and sales. It helps you invite customers to visit your restaurant in their Halloween costumes.

You can also invite a DJ to turn your restaurant into a dance party with club music. Aside from that, you can also use party lights to catch up with the club-like feel of the Halloween theme.

Set up a menu QR code with a list of meal options that fit Halloween. Entice your customers’ cravings with tasty Halloween-themed foods during the Freaky Friday party.

To know the expected number of customers, you can sell tickets ahead of time to assess and prepare for the number of customers running to your restaurant for the Freaky Friday party.

Hold a Spooky Movie Marathon

Pay homage to a horror movie or TV series in your restaurant with a spooky movie marathon. You can run a classic film like Hocus Pocus in your restaurant while catering to your customers’ orders.

Retain your target customers’ attention with some classic horror movies or TV series in your restaurant. You can bring your customers to the Upside Down with a Stranger Things series marathon in your restaurant.

You can also get your customers’ attention with an IT-themed by inviting Pennywise to your restaurant while running the movie marathon.

There are a lot of movie films and TV series you can play during this Spooky Movie Marathon. Invite your customers by sending a newsletter through their email accounts doithuong.

Serve up Ghostly Food Items on your menu

Cater to customers with some Halloween-themed menu items in your restaurant. You can create a menu category in your interactive menu QR code and name it Halloween Foods.

For instance, you can offer your customers some Spooky soup with eyeballs (meatballs) and bloody mushroom soup. Aside from that, you can also serve some fried noodles as the cobwebs of your menu.

Get creative with your menu and offer customers spooky and freaky meals.

Final thoughts

Cater to your target customers and give them a comfortable dining experience using QR code menu software.

While customers are busy with their costumes, be with the theme and some Halloween-themed ideas in your restaurant.