Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Into the Wild At Least Once In Life

When we talk about movies, ‘Into the Wild’ is one of the best modern classics considering its storyline, plot, cinematography, direction, dialogues as well as the narration and the music. We love this movie, and while many of you might have watched it, there still are people who haven’t watched Into the Wild. 

So, if you want to learn about all the reasons everyone should watch this movie at least once in life, read along and know for yourself. 

Is based On a True Story

The best part about Into the Wild is that it is all based on a true story. Written and mostly discovered by Jon Krakauer, the story is of a real life Chris whose body was discovered in 1993. The full-length story came out in 1996, and then later the movie was made. Krakauer wrote the book by finding out about Chris through his family, friends, relatives, and the people he met along the way. This was the only source of knowledge that the director had so they religiously followed the book. 

The Visuals

One thing that is the major theme of the movie and something that makes the movie worth watching are the visuals. Well, when it comes to cinematography and visuals, Into the Wild is a movie known for its visuals and sceneries. The cinematographer Eric Gautier captured all the right views and the great moments. From all the tranquil moments to the raptures of nature, he showed nature in its most raw and the most beautiful form. There are several beautiful shorts and sceneries in the film from mountains, valleys, hills, beautiful skies, chaotic rivers, and picturesque roads. From the ice-cold snowy Alaska to the hot dessert near Salton City, the movie covers all that nature has to offer.


Eddie Vedder, Michael Brooke, and Kaki King, the music is as natural as it can be and all the songs are simple and match the theme of the film very well. Eddie Vedder’s songs are simple, raw, original, and they are so great in lyrics that they speak Chris’s mind. The songs are direct in their message and each song sits perfectly well with the cinematography and storyline, especially the characters. While Eddie Vedder shows us inside Chris’s mind, Michael Brooke and Kaki King give us that perfect playlist to play when on a road trip. 

Discusses Serious Life Issues 

One more reason that people love to watch ‘Into the Wild’ and what makes it worth watching is that the movie discusses serious life issues in the most beautiful way. Even the music when it speaks Chris’s mind is beautiful and tells us serious things about life. When we hear the song ‘Society’ the film walks us through some of the most beautiful sceneries and at the same time the beautiful song lyrics discusses how society wrongs its most beautiful people. The song discusses materialism, societal issues, and much more while showing you all that is beautiful in life. Similarly, when we see Chris in the beginning he is graduating and has his life and career all set for him. He is not one of those kids who have to struggle and give things up to reach where Chris is already in life, but the film teaches us that life doesn’t come on a silver platter, and not everyone wants the same life. Chris leaves everything behind because wealth and money are not all that is to life. Apart from that, when we see his parents fighting all the time, we are shown how there is a lot more to life than just money and materialism. 

Bravery to Leave His Established Life Behind

As we discussed, not everyone wants the same thing in life, and there is much more to it than wealth
and money. What we see Chris lacking in life is a peaceful home, and while most of us dream of breaking out of toxic societal scenarios, Chris was brave enough to do what we have been romanticizing all our lives. What Chris did was an act of incredible bravery, as not all of us have the courage to leave our established lives behind and move to the woods. We are all chained by money and things, while Chris gives all his money into charity, abandons his car, and burns all the last money he has before he leaves for his Alaskan journey. 

The Cast

Emile Hirsch’s performance in the movie leaves us completely awestruck, and mind blown. Into The Wild is the kind of film that mostly relies on the shoulders of one person, which is the protagonist. On his road to becoming a man, we see Chris going through multiple phases in one movie. His character’s growth and performance in the movie touches us greatly, and the special thing about it is that everyone can relate to Chris’s character in the film, all because of Emile Hirsch’s phenomenal and natural acting. Besides, the characters played by Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Kristen Stewart, and other supporting actors have been done justice to. The phenomenal cast is also what makes the movie one a kind, and loved globally. 

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Chris’s Character

One thing that is most dominant in the movie is the character of Chris McCandless. Chris is the protagonist and as we know he leaves his family and then eventually leaves society to go live in the wild. What makes the movie special and worth watching is how Chris’s character develops throughout the movie. From his leaving home to finally reaching where he wants to reach, what makes it all special is that he is determined and satisfied in the life he has chosen. The character is as complicated as many of us are. In the midst of right and wrong, he might have hurt those who loved him, but he prioritized his own peace of mind first. 

We are sure you have gotten all the reasons why ‘Into the Wild’ is one of the best modern classics, and will add this in your watch list.

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