Quick Ideas for Designing a Child’s Bedroom

If you have children or are planning to expand your family, you might already be thinking about how you can decorate their bedroom and turn it into a special place for them to sleep and play. Although a child might not need a big double bed, you will still need to make sure there is enough space to keep their toys stored neatly, as well as space for other furnishings that will be essential for bedtime. Below are some quick ideas that you might find useful when planning the décor of your child’s bedroom.

Soothing Colors and Playful Décor

You want your child to feel relaxed in their bedroom, and picking a soothing color scheme can be a good way to achieve this type of atmosphere. Yellow, green, cream, and even soft pinks and blues, if you like these traditional tones, are all excellent choices. If you want to try something a bit more adventurous, you could also paint a playful mural on one of the bedroom walls or use stencils for shapes and images that you think your child might like.

Toy Chests, Shelves, and Wardrobes

You will also need to make sure there is enough storage in your child’s room to keep it tidy, so investing in wardrobes and shelves that have been designed for children will be a necessity. Toy chests could also be a smart addition and can often fit nicely at the bottom of the bed or in the corner.

The Right Bed

Cribs are ideal for babies, but when they get bigger, you will need the right bed to accommodate their growing bodies. Single beds are perfectly suitable for children, and some bedframes might be designed similar to a bunk bed with desk space and storage areas underneath. You could also choose to invest in a bunk bed if you are designing a room that will be shared by two children, or you think the additional space for when they have friends for sleepovers at an older age could be useful. These triple bunk beds could be ideal for that, to give some idea of what is available.

Night Lights

It’s not uncommon for children to be intimidated by a completely dark room, and a lot of parents might find that night lights can provide a sense of comfort to their children. This kind of lighting is soft enough to allow your child to fall asleep, but it can help them feel safer as they settle down or if they do wake up in the night. You can see some great night lights for your kids here.

If you are planning to redecorate a nursery as your child gets older, or you are planning to welcome more children into your family, consider these décor tips. They can help you create a welcoming, soothing space for your child to enjoy some playtime or help them relax when they are getting ready for bed so that they can get a good night’s sleep.

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