Puppy Parenting Lessons: How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears?

Your puppy’s ears need to be kept neat and clean like their other body parts. And, if puppies could take care of themselves, we would have very little to do. Since the reality is they can’t nurse themselves, we should make it a point to add puppy ear care to their regular personal hygiene routine.

Frequent puppy ear cleaning can positively impact your furry little companion’s ear health. For instance, your pup can be free of discomfort due to issues like trapped water, allergies, infections, ticks, mites, and other parasites. Also, your pupper’s hearing may improve when unwanted accumulations are removed.

Parasites usually flock in the ears, which is why you may need to inspect your puppy pal’s ears often. These critters can cause infections and chronic diseases when left unchecked. Dog insurance in NZ can cover your puppy’s medical care during allergies, accidents, injuries, tick paralysis, and pet health emergencies.

The best pup insurance can provide your fur baby with comprehensive medical cover that includes specific illnesses, dental issues, and more. While you think about buying insurance for your pet pup, learn how to clean your puppy’s ears to keep them potentially safe from some common ear diseases.

Some puppy parents may hesitate to clean their pup’s ears because these are delicate body parts. And a few other puppy owners may not know how to go about the cleaning process. If you are a puppy parent curious to pick up the basics of puppy ear cleaning, read the following steps.

Step 1:

Know the physiology. The external ear collects the sound waves and transmits them through the middle ear to the inner ear that hosts the eardrum. Human fingers are suitable for puppy ear cleaning as they are of perfect size to clean the external ear but are too big to reach the inner ear.

Step 2:

Keep pet supplies ready. You need only a handful of items to clean your pupper’s ears. Have them in a clean tray before you begin the ear grooming session.

  • Vet recommended puppy ear wash solution.
  • Sterilized cotton balls.
  • A friend/family member for assistance.
  • Puppy seated in a comfortable place.

Step 3:

Choose an area indoors that can be easily cleaned up after a potentially messy ear cleaning business. Also, you can change clothes before starting the session.

Step 4:

Survey your puppy’s ears slowly to get a good view of what’s in there. Check for signs like sores on the external ear, redness, foul odor, fluid discharge, discomfort, etc. If you spot anything out of the normal, your puppy’s ears may need the vet’s attention. Potential ear issues like infections or allergies can make ear cleaning painful for your furry little one.

Step 5:

Wet the sterilized cotton balls with the puppy ear cleaning solution and wipe the ear insides gently to clear any loose debris. You can clean the ears until as far as your fingers can reach comfortably but not forcefully.

However, if you have apprehensions about grooming your puppy’s ears, you can take them to professional groomers who can clean your fur baby’s ears in a matter of moments safely. At the same time, if you notice anything strange in your pet’s ears, take them to the vet without further delay.

Dog insurance NZ can cover your furry companion’s unscheduled vet visits, medications, and more. The best pup insurance can help you provide your puppy with superior medical care for covered health conditions at economical costs. So, why not explore this potential pet medical financial backup?

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