Protect Yourself from Losing a Fantasy Cricket Match

Fantasy Cricket has gained enormous popularity among cricket fans over the last few years, especially since the 2020 lockdown period. It is often considered a skill-based game where the fans get the opportunity to create a virtual team of 11 players to participate in a contest or a league. Fantasy Cricket platforms have been providing entertainment to the fans alongside unique experiences. Since Cricket is the most popular sport in India, it was inevitable that Fantasy Cricket would too become popular in the country. There are significant numbers of users playing this game. 

Playing Fantasy Cricket Match is always fun and entertaining as get to participate in a contest and play against the opponents. Moreover, you will win exciting cash rewards if your team tops the league or the contest. While participating in Fantasy Cricket leagues or contests can be exhilarating, it’s important to protect yourself from the disappointment of losing a match. There are certain ways that can help you increase your potential of winning and enhance your overall fantasy cricket experience. 

Here are four effective ways to protect yourself from losing a Fantasy Cricket Match 

  1. Pick Your Team Only After the Announcement of the Playing XI

One of the most common mistakes often done by users or fans is picking the players hours before the playing XI is announced. If you pick a team without even knowing the Final XI of the two teams, then you will mess up your playing XI and end up losing the money as well as the match. If you want an edge over your opponents in a Fantasy Cricket match, you should select your players only after the playing XI is announced. Once the playing XI is announced, you will get a fair idea of which players have been benched. If you pick the players even before the team is announced, you may end up with anyone in your Fantasy team who isn’t even playing in that particular match. Moreover, you should be updated about the latest news and see if there is any key player who might miss out due to injury or some other reason. 

  1. Pick Bowler over Batter as your Key Player 

Oftentimes, it happens that batsmen might be out of their form and cannot deliver their best. But a bowler is more likely to perform well during his spell of overs and every dot ball will give you good points and each wicket will give you extra points. If a bowler takes a five-wicket haul then you may receive bonus points. If your selected bowler bowls in the death overs, then chances of taking wickets will be higher and increase your potential of gaining more points in a fantasy cricket match. Bowlers play a very important role in the match when the batsmen fail to deliver. Bowlers can give you extra or bonus points when they pick a wicket, hat-trick of wickets, or fifer. Thus, Bowlers always have an edge over the batsmen. 

  1. Pick One Top-Order Batter from Both Teams

Top-order batsmen generally have the potential to pile more runs and face more deliveries compared to lower-order batters. Since the openers get a good time to settle, they have greater chances of scoring a significant amount of runs on the top. The openers often take advantage of the field restrictions by scoring quick runs in the powerplay overs and setting a solid foundation for the team. So they are likely to hit more boundaries and score at a faster pace during this phase and it will contribute to your Fantasy Points. Moreover, select two reliable top-order batters who can perform consistently and contribute points to your Fantasy Team. 

  1. Plan for Captain and Vice-captain 

You need to pick your Captain and Vice-captain meticulously as they are the ones who can earn you more points compared to other players on your team. Quintessentially, the captain earns 2X points, while the vice-captain earns 1.5X points. Irrespective of how your team looks, if the Captain and Vice-captain are incapable to deliver, then the whole thing will go wrong. The Captain and Vice-captain should be picked on the basis of their recent performances and their form. When the captain and vice-captain perform well, then your team tends to win the match. Therefore, it is recommended the best players from your fantasy cricket team as captain and vice-captain. Analyze their past records and player strengths before assigning these positions.