Places to Take the Kids in Vancouver

The dramatic Cascade Mountain Range and countless healthy evergreen forests make the Pacific Northwest one of the loveliest areas in the nation. There’s a reason why a lot of people relocate to Vancouver, Washington: the slower pace of life. In the last five years, the property market has really exploded, and COVID’s mass emigration of city inhabitants to Vancouver has only made matters worse. Vancouver homes for sale cost about half a million dollars. However, living here puts the beach, desert, forests, and mountains within a 2-hour drive. Read on for ideas on places to take the kids in Vancouver.

The World of Kidtropolis

Children, families, and caregivers may play and learn in a unique and incredibly realistic world thanks to The World of Kidtropolis. Utilize your creativity and be whoever your spark inspires you to be! Kidtropolis is an interactive city model created to offer children a secure, distinctive, and realistic educational setting where they can play pretend. Our objective is to offer meaningful play and practical learning opportunities in a setting that prioritizes families.

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a self-sustaining, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote aquatic life conservation through public programming, direct action, research, and display. It is an Ocean Wise program and the habitat of thousands of fascinating ocean animals. Additionally, it serves as the headquarters for Ocean Wise, where our team of scientists, educators, and conservationists strive to not only save our oceans but also to encourage others to support our cause. Since its founding in 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has introduced more than 40 million visitors from all around the world to the wonders of our waters.

London Heritage Farm

One of Richmond’s first farm locations is London Heritage Farm. On the property, Charles and Henrietta London first constructed a small farm house in 1898. As their family grew to include their eight children, relatives, and farm employees, the 1906 construction of the huge white farm house was added. Visitors can currently tour the Victorian farmhouse, which has been meticulously rebuilt and furnished to depict rural life in Richmond between 1890 and 1920, and learn about the city’s agricultural heritage by taking in the outdoor display including an antique threshing machine. The living history program offers guests the chance to unearth a latent skill for butter churning, using a scrub board to wash clothing, carrying out Victorian tasks, and recognizing heirloom seeds.

Richmond Museum

The Richmond Museum seeks to arouse interest in local history while examining our place in the global community. Richmond Museum cordially invites guests, students, and educators to join on a voyage of discovery. The aim as storytellers, collectors, and educators in museums is to inspire moments of awe and comprehension. The exhibitions share the diverse histories of Richmond; our collections depict how we live today and in the past; our educational initiatives inspire both young and old to think critically; and the work results in positive social and environmental change. The Richmond Museum gathers, records, investigates, safeguards, displays, and explains artifacts with historical and cultural value to the growth and history of Richmond. The goal is to make Richmond’s history accessible, interesting, and relevant.

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