Notes when playing shooting fish at Fun88 for newbies

The shooting game at the Fun888 asia house is increasingly proving to be attractive to bettors because of its simple rules, beautiful graphics, and high win rate. However, for the brothers who are new to this game, winning big is not easy. Along with the Fun88 betting site, learn the important notes when playing shooting fish to win faster and win bigger.

Know the rules of the game and the payout ratio

The Fun88 house does not only offer one type of shooting fish, instead, you have many options in this game. Therefore, it is essential to know the rules of the game and the payout ratio of each type of shooting fish. When you understand the rules, it will be easier for you to make money and find the right playing strategy.

Try playing with small capital

New players, don’t rush to participate in real fish shooting games with big money. Take advantage of the free trial feature that the bookie offers to familiarize yourself with the interface and grasp how to play better. When you try it out, you should:

Try to destroy as many fishes as possible to see how many coins you will get from those fishes

Note the number of bullets used to destroy a type of fish. This helps you predict the number of bullets needed for the fish.

To play immediately and always, you need to register a new account at the link to Fun88 .

Take advantage of the aiming feature when playing shooting fish at Fun88

Shooting specifically at the target is an interesting and useful feature for the “shooters” when playing shooting fish at Fun88. This feature allows you to choose the gun, target and type of ammo for automatic firing. Whether the fish you want is moving or standing still, the automatic gun will fire bullets at them. Only when the fish you want is destroyed or appears on the screen, the automatic gun will stop firing.

Be careful in choosing a gun

Shooting gun is very important when in the fish shooting game at Fun88. Therefore, when choosing a gun to play shooting fish online on the Fun888 sports mobile application , you need to pay attention to the following points:

Use small guns with less ammo to kill single fishes

Carefully calculate the number of coins obtained from fish to offset the amount of bullets that you have spent or not.

If the fish you are aiming for have already swam away, stop killing these fish to avoid spending coins.

Do not abuse the automatic fish shooting mode

Unlike the aiming feature, the automatic fish shooting feature will point the gun at the fixed location you want. After that, the gun will self-load and shoot “dead” into a corner. It will fire bullets continuously regardless of whether there are fish there or not. Therefore, the possibility of hitting the fish is not high and wastes your bullets. Therefore, you should limit the use of this feature to avoid useless bullets.

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