More Than Just a Fetish

There will always be that one dress that you love but couldn’t use. Probably, you have eaten some extra carbs, and now this dress is a bit tight on the bust.

But, you want to use it for the weekend, and there is no more time to lose weight.

Battling With a Common Frustration

Women are likely to have unused top garments stocked in their closets since it no longer fits. Some would give them away, and others would think of getting back in shape to fit into them again. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to go to the gym. Therefore, one solution is to have the dress resized.

Another way is to use a corset. It is body-hugging undergarment support specially made for women. It is frequently laced with garters attached. It is stretched out from the bust or waist to below the hips.

It allows you to be in the shape that genuinely flatters without cutting down on the calories.

The Origin and its Purpose

Tracing back the history of this garment can be tricky. It was in the sixteenth and the seventeenth century that it was known. Finally, however, we can find the earliest depiction in a relic from 1600 BCE.

Early products have stiff boning out of reeds or even whalebone. Even metals were used in some cases. The purpose of this garment was to shape the torso into the desired figure for aesthetic or medical reasons. It is usually used to treat lumbar pains or serve as support.

In the 20th century, the fashion industry innovated the concept of a corset. According to Wikipedia, it refers to tops that imitate the traditional style without serving the same purpose. It was designed to complement the body figure without having to add the boning to its structure.

In 1920, it became out of fashion. Girdles and elastic bras substituted it. However, it somehow stayed in the market as an item for cosplays.

It still survives as a highlight in BDSM and Goth subculture.

To Wear or Not to Wear

We can’t help but notice French women dolled up in big skirts in old films. It is painful to look at how their bodies are hugged too tightly. It makes you wonder how uncomfortable and unbreathable it seems. It is said that there have been changes made to this garment over the years, but there may still be room for doubt whether using it is a good idea or not.

Alas, here are some facts for consideration.

First, it may not look like it, but these undergarments are good tools for waist training. It also helps to lower the back pain and tensions in the muscle. You can’t just slouch while walking or standing.

Lastly, since it is designed for body-shaping, it goes without saying that wearing one can also boost confidence as it makes you feel sexy.

To wrap it up, size still matters when wearing one. So pick a size that feels like being hugged, not imprisoned. Besides, being beautiful and confident doesn’t have to be painful.

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