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Those who are familiar with the BFDIA characters can tell you that they are all pretty sweet and pretty special. However, you need to be a little careful about what you say to them. In fact, it’s very important that you don’t insult them too badly because you might end up being punished.


During Battle for Dream Island, Leafy is one of the three contestants that chose her team members. She is also the first character to receive a cake.

Leafy has a two-faced personality. She is friendly and helpful but also can be overly negative when she thinks someone is being disrespectful. She is also a very fast character. In the BFDI Official Character Guide, she is shown to have very good dodging skills. She also has an off-white highlight on the upper left side of her body.

She is known for her ability to change her personality in a blink of an eye. She also has a loyalty chart where she assigns jobs to her teammates. Leafy is one of the earliest characters to be shown to have a two-faced personality.

Leafy is also known for her ability to teleport. She can teleport to locations on maps by saying “Blue Skidoo, we can too!” She can also pick up heavy objects and can slam a needle into space.


Among the many Battle for Dream Island characters, Pencil is the one that gets a lot of press. Pencil’s personality and actions are somewhat different from other characters. Pencil’s personality is sociopathic and aggressive, but she also shows affection to her teammates. Pencil is also a little manipulative, and is very loyal to her alliance. However, she is the lowest-ranking contestant in the game. Despite this, Pencil is the only character who has appeared in more than five object series.

Pencil’s character is labeled “The Mean Leader” due to her aggressiveness and leadership skills. During her time on the show, Pencil formed an alliance with Match, who is part of the Squishy Cherries. However, Pencil’s relationship with Match has not been very good.

In the first season, Pencil was a member of Team No-Name. When she was eliminated, Pencil was the second-to-last contestant to speak. She had a lot of negative things to say to Ruby. She also slammed the Announcer.


Despite being a male, Firey is a very dimwitted character. He can cook without an oven, he can burn things, and he can melt things. Nevertheless, Firey is the lightest BFDI character by far. He only weighs a tenth of an ounce.

Firey is a member of the Another Name team. He is the first male to win a prize on the show. He competed in Season One and won the Battle for Dream Island. He was also the first male to win an individual immunity prize.

Firey is also the first BFDI character to have a plush. His limbs are hand drawn. His mouth is the wrong size, and his eyes were poorly drawn. He is also the first to have a recovery center, though he is not immune to lava.

In the BFDIA 5e, Firey was one of four Q3lyngaascyberscoop contestants to receive a prize. The prize is not known to the public, because of the lack of BFDIA 6. He is the only male to receive a prize, and the only one who got to use the big ole’ aforementioned one.


Among the Battle for Dream Island contestants, Bubble is one of the two characters without a brain. The other is Eraser. Bubble’s shape is spherical and transparent, with a sky blue color and white shine. Its outline is blue and its color is lighter toward the center.

Bubble is a very good player. She played very well in BFDI and even got the 3rd place. Bubble was the first contestant to form an alliance. She was also one of the three survivors in the area around Puffball’s head. After she bought the Dream Island, Bubble became friends with Leafy. She is a very kind and friendly person who wishes to make friends with all the contestants. However, she can become very mean or cynical when she disagrees with others.

Bubble is also very paranoid. Her personality changes when she goes into battle. She has an awkward way of speaking and replaces some vowels with “oi” sounds. She also has the ability to summon bubbles from her limbs.

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