Latest Technologies Taking Control of the Cable TV Market

Our world is in uncertainty and Smart TVs are our escape from these turbulent times. This is true regardless of whether you were watching TV on your 4K TV, or watching TV in the background. Like all technology, TV technology is constantly evolving and so are our TV viewing habits. In the past, there were very few options. Our grandparents and parents would often gather around a small box to view a movie. We now want a more immersive experience. All of us want to be immersed in TV shows and movies. We are moving in the right direction thanks to the new TV technology. These technologies are paving the way for a new TV experience.

This article will highlight all the amazing innovations that are taking the TV industry by storm. You can therefore get all these features on your smart TV. To stream TV shows in 4K or UHD, however, your TV will need ultra-fast internet. We recommend that you check out Xfinity channel lineup. These packages are very affordable and offer amazing deals at a discount price.

4K and 8K

While most people have high-definition TVs that are 1920×1080 in resolution, there is a shift to 4K Ultra HD or 8K. If the film or video is shot in the same resolution, the new generation smart TVs offer a resolution of 3840×2160. This allows for four times the detail. Although these TVs have been around for a while, new consoles like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 are redefining modern gaming. anonig  

4K TVs don’t come at a high price, and that is a major plus. You can purchase them at incredible prices that won’t break the bank without breaking your budget.

HDR Technology

4K is not the only trend in TV. Experts argue that HDR, or High Dynamic Range, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your TV viewing experience. The overall image quality is greatly affected by the HDR, as opposed to the resolution. An HDR TV will allow you to see deeper blacks and a wider range of colors. Combining whiter whites with deeper blacks results in a more dynamic picture. HDR refers to the color and contrast. 4K refers to the screen resolution. HDR isn’t widely available. HDR technology is not widely available and you will need to pay more to get 4K.

Dolby Vision IQ

Most of us remember that Game of Thrones’ last episode was visually too dark. Your TVs were the problem. The problem was with your TV’s dim picture. The Dolby VisionIQ is described as Beyond HDR, and will increase the contrast and color of the image. Unfortunately, the existing TV technology cannot bring out the finest details of the image. Dolby Vision IQ solves this problem by adjusting brightness to match the environment. This results in a clear picture.

This is relatively new technology. Only a few companies have yet to announce compatibility with DolbyVision IQ by 2020. These include LG and Panasonic. tinyzonetv

HDMI 2.1

Do you recall the bulky cables that used to be attached to your TV? Thanks to HDMI technology, bulky cables are no longer necessary. These portable cables allow us to view high-definition videos at high resolution. HDMI 2.1 is the most recent addition to this technology. Modern cables are capable of supporting higher resolutions and frame rates. These cables can support 8K at 60 FPS or 4k at 120FPS. These cables offer a wider dynamic range and variable refresh rates that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the TV experience.

Final Verdict

We should all hope that these technologies will soon be widely available so that we can enjoy a better TV experience.

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