Knock-down house assembly work and selection of welding wires

Construction tools and equipment, whether it is steel structure work. house building There is not much difference between the steel frame work tools, there will be a type of welding machine. The welding machine is divided into 2 types.

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1 AC welding machine Transformer (transformer) is a welding machine that uses AC current, heavy weight, high current consumption, durable, suitable for being in a factory. Heavy welding work, continuous welding

2 ARC welding machine Inverter system is a welding machine that is a DC system, home power, easy to connect, consumes less electricity, lightweight, portable, easy to move, suitable for small work, welding, assembly or welding work that is not very long. It should be of high quality. Prices range from 3,000-18,000 baht.

Inverter welding cabinet, price 2,000-4,000 baht for light work, not suitable for long walks because it is an electrical circuit that is easily damaged

Steel cutting, grinding, welding equipment

Measuring equipment, leveling, assembling

water level gauge

tape measure

20 meter tape measure

string tension


measuring the large scene

water level gauge with magnetic stripe

hammer hand gauge

TIP..Purchase construction tools or used to build a house from experience Bought it for my subordinates to use for 7 years. Many brands. I recommend to use

Brand Maktec which compares the performance of use. Durability and price are the best values. Because this brand is broken and has replacement parts. which has a lot of repair shops and sell parts

TIP. When we go shopping at a department store, be careful of salespeople cheering on other brands.. Most of them will say as follows: 1. More watts 2. Longer warranty 3. More gifts

because if it is another brand, it will be stuck at the tool that is already broken. Can’t find replacement parts The tool must be discarded. This makes the time to buy other brands not worth much.

TIP.Purchasing We recommend WELPRO , I-WELD, WEL-D respectively depending on budget. The high price will be the most durable. The quality will be according to the price.

Principles for choosing welding wires

Popular brands used are KOBE-30 and KOBE RB-26.

Both types are soft wire with code E6013 for welding black steel such as roof trusses.

or general steel welding, not more than 3.2 mm thick

There are two commonly used numbers:

  • No. 2.6 mm. for narrow weld grooves
  • No. 3.2 mm. for gap weld grooves (

In the case of welding galvanized steel with a thickness of not more than 3.2 mm., use soft wire, code E6013, designed for welding galvanized steel. It will make welding easier, and less smoke.

**Welding wire, soft wire, code E6013, for welding thin steel or steel not thicker than 3.2 mm., such as box steel, round pipe, C-section steel (cold-rolled steel).

**Welding wire, hard wire, code E7013, for welding steel thickness from 4 mm. or more.

High tensile strength such as steel H Beam , Steel | Beam, gutter steel (hot rolled steel)

Explain the main principles of steel structure assembly.

due to iron It is a structure that gives a high character. Easy to stretch, shrink and twist caused by Hot while welding causes the steel to stretch. When the weld is cold, it shrinks. If no experience Working will cause the steel structure to be easily distorted..

The important principle for assembling the structure is @ get level, @ get square, get perpendicular.

In the case of making a small knock-down house build a small house The lifting type will assemble the 2 longitudinal column columns to assemble the beams together. What is emphasized in the assembly of the frame is that the diagonals of 2 sides, side, bottom, and top must be measured to be the same length.

When diagonals are equal The structure of columns and beams can @ be square and perpendicular.

*** Before walking the welding line Must bring steel madam to lock every corner of steel first to protect the steel clamp shrinkage can distort the structure

If the assembled structure is not square and not square Will affect the assembly of the floor, walls, ceiling greatly because the fiber cement material will be almost 100% square and square from the factory. If the steel structure is not square, when we install the fiber cement material, it will be more difficult. and sometimes have to cut the fiber cement material to fit according to the deformed steel structure

The problem of assembling the frame is not square. caused by unequal diagonals It is a common mistake for unskilled technicians.

1 Assembling the knock-down house structure

– Assemble the frame panels

– Lift up, put the lower beam

– check pole level

– Check to find the level, adjust every tree to be equal

– Measure the scene, columns, beams, adjust to get the scene

– Measure the bottom diagonal

– Check the scene and beam length until confident

– Place the top beam and measure the top diagonal.

2 Assembling a large knock-down house structure immobile

– Make foundations and piers

– Find levels, place platforms

– Assemble the lower beam

– Place the lower beam

– Laying on the floor

– Set up the pole, find the lobe level

– Set up the pole, find the lobe level

– put beams on

– put the frame around the wall

– Laying the roof structure

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