Improve your physical and mental health with massages

Massages not only make you feel good, they do you good If before you were looking for excuses to give yourself a massage, look no further. Taking these therapies regularly has been proven to improve your physical and mental health. That is why massages which were previously seen as a luxury or frivolity, are now recognized as a basic tool for well-being and self-care. The reasons to make massages part of your wellness routine. The most obvious effect that this therapy done by a professional helps you release tension and pain from the body. But why? Massages increase circulation, which oxygenates the worked area and this helps reduce pain and inflammation.

It helps the nervous system – they improve circulation, which helps the lymphatic system get rid of toxins and this strengthens the immune system. Relaxing body with a massage causes your body to release endorphins – the hormones of happiness – and regulate hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol. Massages reduce blood pressure as they calm the sympathetic nervous system.Manys type of massage technique like sensual massage,deep tissue massage….help raise melatonin levels which makes sleep deeper and revitalizing always

However, making yourself known to your target audience may seem difficult at first. So you have to be persistent as well as creative to ensure that our services stand out from those of other masseuses in Singapore. Today we bring you some tips and marketing ideas for masseuses, with the aim of being able to differentiate yourself from other colleagues and attract clients. The following steps will help you succeed in the world of massage.

What can I do to relieve stress in my daily life?

Find time for yourself and disconnect.

Stop, sit down and think of yourself.

Learn to manage your time.

Take things easy.

Take care of your diet.

Do physical exercise.

Practice sports: dedicating a few minutes a day to sports will help you not only to stay in shape, but also to unload that adrenaline that you have accumulated. You can combine it with days of yoga or Pilates exercises that help you find your inner balance Save a moment for yourself: it must be a task like any other. Half an hour or an hour a day should be dedicated to you, depending on your available time, to do what you like the most. From moments of entertainment to personal care and beauty Do you have a bathtub? You have an ally!: Although it is not the same as an individual spa session or as a couple, treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Hot water, a relaxing playlist, pleasant light and a moment of instant disconnection.

It is very advantageous to reduce both constant and seasonal stress. In addition, it also comes in handy to calm and relax the body in the face of incorrect postures in front of the computer or when sitting dew Without a doubt, it is convenient to resort to it as a stress prevention and as a complement to reduce congestive headache caused by the lack of drainage of the nasal area Its application becomes pleasant and helps us to find a sensation of calm and incomparable well-being.

When we think of possible solutions to combat stress, the first thing we think of is physical activities such as yoga, drinking a relaxing herbal tea, a warm bath, etc… And that’s fine!  One should do the things that make one feel better, but something curious happens when we think of massages, we normally think that they are a luxury and that we should only take them on special occasions.  In reality, it shouldn’t be like that, these therapeutic sessions go beyond pampering us, as they have surprising health benefits, and that is why today we share just 3 with you, so you can get an idea of ​​what you can achieve with a delicious relaxing massage:

This happens thanks to the fact that during the massages, muscular tensions are released, causing a relaxing effect that, together with the applied aromatherapy, is potentiated Improves circulation and increases energy this occurs due to the manipulations that the therapists perform, with gentle and continuous pressure. In addition, due to the relaxation achieved by the massage, the sleep cycle improves and you wake up with energy, perfect to start the day.

It is an excellent aid to combat stress and depression

Yes! And this is thanks to the fact that during a massage serotonin levels rise, responsible for happiness and well-being, it also reduces cortisol levels we are sure that after this valuable information you already realized the important role that these therapeutic sessions can play when we talk about losing weight, we mean losing weight. You may particularly want to lose weight around your hips, thighs, abdomen, and arms. But sometimes losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight…

What have you done this year to show yourself self-love? With everything that has happened in recent years and daily stress, whether due to work or personal issues, there comes a time when we are physically and emotionally affected

A typical scale displays your weight, but doesn’t tell you how much of that weight is muscle, fat, water, bone, or organs.

That’s why when you start with a diet program; there are a thousand types and adapted to the way of life of each person, it is better to focus on fat loss than on weight loss When you lose body fat, you are making permanent changes to your body, changing your body composition so that you have less fat and more muscle. When you lose weight, you could be losing water or even muscle it happens to many people that they begin to eat well, and does high-impact exercise, they have even lost a size or two. But they get on the scale, and they still weigh the same, but why?

As we begin to exercise and eat “better”, the fat that is lost is replaced by the muscle that is gained. Muscle, while physically smaller than fat, is denser, so when the former gains and the latter loses, even though the scale still gives you the same records, and even you look slimmer and feel healthier than you can expect.  What is happening is that you are getting stronger day by day.

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