Imported Dog Develops Rabies Investigation Launched

A rabid dog imported from Azerbaijan to the U.S. has sparked an investigation into public health in several states. The CDC has launched an investigation into the dog, which lived with a family in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The dog tested positive for rabies and died after being quarantined. In total, at least 12 people have been exposed to the disease. The animal was part of a group of 34 imported from Azerbaijan to the United States on June 10.

Be sure to vaccinate your pet against rabies

The CDC has suspended dog imports from Egypt and Azerbaijan until further notice. Until further notice, officials are checking the shipment for infected animals. This will prevent the spread of the disease and potentially lead to more outbreaks. Before bringing your own dog into the country, make sure to get your pet vaccinated against rabies. The CDC has urged the public to have their pets vaccinated to protect themselves and the community.

Can be costly and fatal

A CDC investigation into the origin of a rabid dog has led to a suspension of dog imports from Egypt until the disease is ruled out. These investigations are costly and could be fatal. If you have questions about whether a certain dog was infected, it is important to consult with a veterinarian. The CDC can also advise you on what precautions you should take.