how to win Sic Bo betting on mobile phone

Mobile phone Sic Bo Betting tips how to play to make money Which here must be understood first, there is no way to bet correctly every time you play But from various experimental statistics, including the amount of profit, it is considered to be a certain profit in the total amount. And most importantly, it’s not a method of random guessing, relying on luck, otherwise it will be useful, right? It is a compilation of the experiences of real players to use and get real profits. There are two methods, let’s go see.

1 random number bet formula

The first formula is to bet all 5 random numbers out of 6, leaving 1 number that will not bet. We have to start with the possibility of total points going out in that turn. For example, we bet high points. In the next turn, let us bet on favorites 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, but do not bet on the number 1, assuming that in the first turn, the total points that come out are medium points, not high or low, such as numbers 3 or number 4, number points The rest will have 6, 5, 2, 1, but if in the first turn there are points in the dice with favorite numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then we will make a profit of 1 unit, but if in that turn there are numbers The dice come out with a 2 numbers. will be able to refund But this way players should have a little capital. And if it can be applied to suit the situation, it will give the player a chance to make a lot of money.

2 Two numbers betting formulas

This method is playing Hi-Lo by betting on 3 Toad numbers, for example, assuming that at that time it was a long game of 4, 5, 6, you will take Toad 4, 5 or 5, 6 can be played. And if the number we choose then it comes out 1 of the 2 that you choose. You will get all the money invested in that eye. But this formula requires expertise and experience to look out for. in order to use this formula accurately

Techniques for playing Sic Bo

For the formula used in mobile dice formulas There is a way to play as follows: bet 4, 3, 3 and then we have to bet 5 and 6, but be careful and keep an eye out. that some dice or dice that some balls have been decorated or set to escape the various formulas that are now available too Players need to practice observing it knowingly. Otherwise, it may be a waste of money. Because of the big legs or the Saints, most of them use formulas with formulas. If we catch the way, we can see that we have a chance to make as much as 40%. All formulas are effective, some not working, not 100%. But it’s better than playing dice, phone, randomly guessing, right?

Precautions for playing Hi-Lo mobile phone

The Sic Bo, mobile phone or Sic Bo game is a gambling one that has the same risk as gambling in general, as we have seen examples from many players in the past, how much has been lost or lost. Therefore, thinking of mobile dice formulas is a help to a certain extent. But the important thing is the matter of consciousness. We have to play consciously. The important thing is to use the accumulated experience indefinitely, do not rush and most importantly, you need to know yourself. calculated in terms of capital The dealer’s story is important as well. Sic Bo has a lot of fangs and Sic Bo is a top gamble that can cheat. Therefore, you must choose to play with a reliable dealer. and play consciously

In addition to using the Hi-Lo formula, there should be other things to use along with it.

As warned and mentioned in the beginning, it’s about playing dice, phone, and whether we use it. mobile dice formula However, it may be eaten by the dealer. Because the dice is at the dealer at the shaker Because most of them are stabbed before shaking. A real shaken master will have a way to shake the player away. Therefore, the experience should be accumulated to look into what this means on the website. Applications or even the dealer that we will go to play with him. how he has the method and style of exposure or shaking and awarding Knowing that he knows us. If you see fangs, you back away.

How’s it going with getting to know your Hi-Lo mobile phone and playing rules? How to count the points that have been deposited And that indispensable is the technique. mobile dice formula That will help in reducing the risk of your playing as well. Let’s try to use it.

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