How to Make a Roman Shade

If you’re planning to create your own custom roman shades, you should consider learning how to sew the panels yourself. There are many options available for the material and can make the project very easy for anyone. You can even paint them if you have the experience. In this article, you will learn how to make a Roman shade. But first, you should get your mini blinds. Ensure that the measurements are accurate.

A sewing machine will be needed

Using the right materials is the first step. If you’re working with a DIY project, you’ll need several items. Some basic supplies include a lining fabric, drapery rings, a board for mounting, and an iron. To make the shade, you’ll need a few pieces of mini blinds and a sewing machine. Once you’ve cut the pieces, turn them right side out. Now, add the mounting piece at the top of the shades.


The next step is to cut the fabric for the lining. Cut a strip of fabric about 1” wide, and mark where you want the dowels to go. Sew the strips of fabric together, leaving a quarter-inch seam allowance. After the lining is finished, you’ll need to make a pocket for the dowels. You can use fusible web to fuse the pockets in place. After you’re done, add the dowels to the pockets.

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