How to make a presentation for a term paper

The defense of term papers is an important stage of higher education. The members of the commission evaluate not only how it is written, but also how the student presents it and submits the material and the conclusion on the topic. Properly structured presentation is the main factor of influence, which causes high marks.

What is a presentation for a term paper, and why it is needed?

The results of the research are difficult to perceive by ear in an oral report, so you need to visualize them to understand. Today, special requirements are put forward for this process and profile standards have been developed. The presentation of the course work includes a set of measures to visualize what is presented in the report after admission to the defense. Listeners receive information through two channels: audio and visual, which leads to a more effective understanding of the content of the work and the results, without having to deeply analyze and process the text itself. The speaker demonstrates to the commission and other students the main aspects of the course work, as the presentation presents the most important information in the form of tables, abstracts, diagrams, diagrams, photos, and videos.

Stages of creating a presentation

Unfortunately, good and promising students at this stage are often cut off only because the defense was poorly organized. The reason is not even that the student is poorly prepared, does not know the text of the course work, or prepared not quite a good report to it, but that the information was selected and designed incorrectly. It is quite difficult to select only the most important from work on several tens of pages and to give the information in such a way that listeners understand the essence of research, conclusions, and offers.

The design of an electronic presentation consists of the following stages:

  • Presentation to the course
  • Defining goals – what the material was prepared for;
  • Designation of the idea – what will be said in the report;
  • Select the appropriate template;
  • Collection of information in tables;
  • Creating a speech structure;
  • Final check of the correct sequence of presentation of material and logic of visual support.

After writing the presentation, you need to check the semantic and logical connection between the visualization and the oral report. It is recommended to rehearse the performance before the defense to be sure – this is an extra point.

Requirements for creating a presentation

Presentations are made in PowerPoint. It has many ready-made templates, and it is easy to choose the appropriate configuration, color combination, and style. Also, you can ask for college assignments help online. Because the interface is simple and intuitive, it will be easy to understand the program. The main work on the design is to write a meaningful part. The optimal volume of the demonstration is 12-15 slides, and the submission of the necessary information should take no more than 5-7 minutes.

The slides show the following data:

  1. Presentation for the coursework
  2. Cover letter – university, student’s name, topic, year of defense;
  3. Goals, relevance, object, objectives of the study;
  4. Methodological base of research;
  5. The main theses of the theoretical and practical part – definitions, quotations, facts, graphs, tables;
  6. Conclusions – the last slide with the results of the research work.

There are clear requirements for slides of course work presentation, namely:

  • Optimal volume – 12-15 slides;
  • The presence of the title in the font 28-32;
  • The maximum number of words on the slide is 40, font 18-24;
  • Thesis presentation of information, mainly in tables, graphs, and diagrams;
  • The information on the slides and the data presented in the report should not be duplicated, but only complement each other;
  • Since protection takes little time, everything should be concise;
  • The style and design of all slides are the same, contain no more than 3 active colors, you can use animation.

Top mistakes when creating a presentation

Some seemingly unimportant points can greatly spoil the impression of the best coursework presentation, so avoid:

  • Lots of text on the slide;
  • Images on a white background (unconvincing and tasteless);
  • Sophisticated information system (many diagrams, graphs, images). One slide is one thought. This allows the audience to study the data well;
  • Banal grammatical and spelling errors, typos;
  • Not all PCs work the same, and it is recommended that you make sure that the presentation is played on a university computer. Otherwise, you will have to carry your laptop;
  • Do not abuse multimedia files (audio), especially if they are inappropriate on the subject;
  • Leave everything for the last day.

If you follow these simple recommendations for electronic presentation – the success of the course work is guaranteed.

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