How to hype your next event with QR codes

Organizing a large-scale event takes a lot of effort and resources, from advertising and registration to participant interaction and information sharing.

You can use QR codes to guarantee an exceedingly satisfying experience for your attendees. These digital squares can provide information and services with just one scan.

QR codes have moved from payment sections to magazines and posters that attendees can scan with their smartphones. They can now also function for ticket verification and event promotion.

Using a reliable QR code generator online, you can get the most out of QR codes for your events.

How to use QR codes to hype your event

Offer an easier registration

QR codes allow you to provide convenience to attendees. They can be used before, during, and after your events.

Use a Google Form QR code to make online registration as simple and efficient as possible for your attendees.

After scanning, users will access a form where they can fill out their details to reserve event tickets. They will then be given a QR code that they will present to enter the venue.

Promote your event

Although print materials only have a limited number of impressions, a QR Code can maximize their effectiveness during that time.

Since QR codes on event planning and organizing can simplify the promotion, engagements are increased because it will allow attendees to interact with just a scan.

You can direct your visitors to your social media page, where they can learn more about your upcoming event.

A social media QR code lets you gauge interest in your event and increase your social media following. It also enables you to track which social platform has more interactions from scanners.

Add a teaser for your event

If you want to get people to a concert you’re planning, you can use QR codes on flyers and posters to give them a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Including a video QR code in your promotional materials can provide a more engaging preview of an upcoming performance.

All you have to do is attach a QR Code, and users can simply scan the QR code to gain instant access to the video.

Guide attendees in the venue

One way to ensure your attendees will stay aware of the venue is to give them access to the floor plan to find the entrance or emergency exits.

You can add a URL QR code on the ticket that leads to your online floor plan, where guests can quickly and easily get a complete list of all the amenities at your venue.

Easily save the date

You can generate a Google Calendar QR code to get the word out about your upcoming event. Upon scanning, guests can instantly save the event details on their devices.

This is a convenient and practical way to invite people to an event or meeting and ensure they will remember when and where it will happen.

Businesses and restaurants can also use this for promotional events to ensure more people attend.

QR codes for events: promote in a scan

Technology has advanced today. More people now own smartphones, and there’s WiFi and 5G connection almost everywhere. It’s only wise to take advantage of these.

Use QR codes to easily promote your upcoming event. These tools can store websites, images, and videos, which provides a varied promotional strategy for your event.

Grab the opportunity to use this innovation. Promote your events with QRTIGER the best QR Code generator software today.

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