How to choose best Baby Fence 2022

Taking care of the safety of our kids, we sometimes try to fence them off from the outside world. At the same time, we use the usual arenas, arrange a play area in the child’s room, or take him to the playground. But all the same, children need an eye and an eye. After all, they strive to go beyond the play area to deal with items on their mother’s dressing table, run after the neighbor’s cat, say hello to girlfriends, or just wander aimlessly around the house. To make it comfortable for the kids to play and there is no desire to leave the playing area once again, enterprising parents try to make some kind of fence. A baby fence can be bought ready-made, but it is also quite possible to make it yourself. The main conditions – it must be made of environmentally friendly materials and attract attention with bright colors.

The choice of material for a baby’s fence

Any children’s fence performs certain functions:

  • Zoning. The fence separates the play area from the space of the yard or room.
  •  Arena. An enclosed space is created that is safe for the child to play.
  •  Partition. The fence serves as a protection and a barrier against the intrusion of animals, cyclists, cars into the territory of the playground.

The material for the children’s fence must be safe. Therefore, most often plastic, wood or metal are used for its manufacture. Consider their advantages and possible disadvantages.


Plastic fences are sold ready-made. All that remains to be done with your own hands is to put together the entire structure. Such children’s fences are brightly colored, usually with images of favorite cartoon characters. Despite the ease of assembly, they have some disadvantages:

  • The design may not be as strong as it seems at first glance. It usually turns out when the child suddenly decides to climb over it.
  •  Plastic fences are low. Therefore, they are not suitable for fencing large playgrounds in the yard. Yes, and such a fence is not a serious obstacle for a baby aged 2 – 3 years.
  •  It is generally accepted that plastic products are safe for children. However, to believe in the integrity of the manufacturer is at least stupid. Plastic in hot weather can release harmful substances that are unsafe for the health of children.


Wooden structures are the most common occurrence on playgrounds near houses and summer cottages. And no wonder. A fence for a playground made of wood has a lot of advantages:

  1. All fencing can be done by hand from start to finish.
  2. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that is recommended for use in child care facilities.
  3. The material is available because it is sold in any locality.
  4. The tree lends itself well to processing, so a fence of any shape and height can be made from it.
  5. When building a wooden fence for a playground with your own hands, you can independently choose the method of coloring, decorative elements and patterns.

A wooden fence can become a real zone of creativity if kids are attracted to its decoration. Such joint work will also teach children team skills.


It is worth noting that the metal fence will be expensive. But it has its own advantages:

  • metal structures are reliable and safe for children
  •  on a welded structure, you can make a beautiful ornament
  •  metal fences are durable.

Since metal fences last a long time, and the same picture can get boring, it can be repainted, decorated with plywood or plastic details, and other design elements can be used.

Basic rules for installing children’s fences

If there is a desire and at least some construction skills, then a children’s fence can be built with your own hands. Someone buys individual parts and assembles them into a single design, while someone does everything from start to finish on their own. It is important to comply with the requirements dictated by security considerations:

  • The height of the fence should be such that the child could not leave the play area on his own.
  •  It is better not to make the fence solid. It should be well visible from the side. This rule also allows you to reduce the windage of the structure and reduce the likelihood of it falling under strong gusts of wind.
  •  If you build a fence for children with your own hands, you need to take into account that the presence of horizontal elements can encourage kids to do some feats, as a result of which they will fall and get injured. It is better to observe the vertical of the entire structure.

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