How to choose a good movie for our child?

Children love watching movies. But not all movies can be watched by children. In this article, come on let’s find out how to choose a good cinema for kids and educate them. Here are several ways to choose a good educational movie for kids:

Choose a child’s movie based on their age.

Basically, each movie is produced according to the target audience. So you have to make sure that the movie you are watching is according to your age.

When you’re at the theater, you can see the movie category on the movie poster. For more information about the movie you are about to see, you can also ask the cinema employee directly. When watching from a DVD, you can check the category of the movie on the cover.

For parents, the content of the stories in the children’s movies is also important to consider. Avoid movies that feature scenes of violence or contention, both verbal and non-verbal. Not only that, make sure the movie your child is watching is free from sexual elements.

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Remember, children are curious and the child’s imagination is very high. Also, they usually can’t tell the difference between good and bad things. As a result, when you are exposed to various negative content every day, you may think that it is normal to do bad things.

Well, of course, you don’t want your child to do that? Therefore, make sure that the movie to be watched contains positive content that teaches children to behave well with others. So not only getting entertainment, but your child will also get valuable lessons for the future.

Look for movie reviews

Before you take your children in cinema to watch a movie, you should find out as much information as possible about the movie they will be watching first. This information includes the movie category, genre, and plot.

You can directly ask close friends or family members who have already seen the movie. In addition, you can also search for information on movie magazines or internet sites.

Yes, today there are many special websites that present various reviews about movies that will be, are, or have been shown in theaters. On a website that specifically reviews various movies, you can see an evaluation of a movie from movie critics or from people who have actually seen the movie.

If all the reviews show positive results, then the movie may be a consideration for the children. However, be sure to ask your little one whether or not they are interested in seeing the movie. If your child isn’t interested, don’t even force him to watch. This is because the kids will get bored faster when they are invited to watch the movie.

Parents should accompany their children when they watch movies.

The movie is an effective learning tool for your child. Through the movies, children can learn vocabulary, colors, movements, objects, rhythms, and much more. Unfortunately, not all children’s movies offer quality entertainment and education. Some children’s movies actually quietly swipe scenes of violence.

For example, character A in one of the animated movies hits character B with a giant hammer until he’s battered and flat. Although the scene is hyperbolically packaged and unrealistic, children cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. As a result, they may regard everything seen in the film as truth. Not only that, your son may want to try this on his friend.

Therefore, it is important for parents to accompany children when watching movies. When watching a movie together, you can immediately change channels or stop watching activities if you think the movie is not good for your child. Dial the 866 Spectrum phone number and the support rep should be able to locate if you can get coverage

In addition, accompanying children to watch movies can be a way to strengthen parent-child relationships, as well as an exciting discussion stage. Parents can explain to the child what moral message the film conveyed and encourage children to criticize what they are seeing. You can make a regular time on the weekends to watch a movie with your child, either at the theater or at home.