How Does Regenerative Braking Work Electric Skateboard?

Hybrid and electric vehicles combine battery technology, aerodynamics, and other engineering innovations to improve driving skills. One of the characteristics of these energy-efficient automobiles is regenerative braking by capturing kinetic energy that would be wasted when braking, which aids in recharging automotive batteries.

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The Toyota Prius has been on the market for 20 years. Since then, regenerative braking has gained popularity as a way to extend the range of hybrid and electric vehicles. But did you realize that the application is not limited to Electric vehicles? You can see it on everything these days, including bikes, electric skateboards, and scooters.

Let’s see how this technology works and how productive it is in skateboarding.

What is regenerative braking?

A vehicle driving has a lot of speed, which must go somewhere during the braking process. In the days of ICE cars, kinetic energy was neglected and not given much importance; it went into the brake pads simply by erasing them. That is, it not only did not bring benefits but also had a negative impact.

In the era of electric vehicles, they began to treat them much more reverently, realizing their potential in the matter of maintaining battery charge and increasing the range. For this reason, in virtually all-electric vehicles, when braking, the electric motor switches to generator mode, converting the converted kinetic energy into batteries. Most of this energy is consumed during the car’s subsequent acceleration, with the primary battery charge being used only after that.

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Regenerative braking performance in Electric skateboards

For smaller electric vehicles, the numbers are not promising. Regenerative braking is now standard on electric skateboards, with an average of 4-5 percent regeneration and up to 8% in mountainous locations. Scooters and bikes, among other personal electric vehicles, provide similar effects.

Although recovery is not as effective for small and private vehicles as for large electric vehicles, it still has several advantages.

One of the essential advantages of the development can be called the use as another slowing force for small personal EVs.

Recuperation also makes it possible to inject a stopping mechanism into skateboards, a feat previously accomplished by rubbing the soles of your shoes against the pavement. This feature is helpful for safety due to the emergence of popular models reaching speeds over 30 km/h.

Another benefit is traditional brake elements such as cable brake or pad break live longer when using regenerative braking. The constant maintenance and replacement of these parts is annoying and given that electric bikes and scooters travel much farther and faster than their non-electric brethren, the parts wear out much sooner.

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After all, regenerative braking will never be as helpful in small vehicles as in large ones, simply because of physics laws. So the lack of technology on electric skateboard and other small EVs for personal use isn’t something terrible. However, the advantages of using this development without considering the simple interception of capacities cannot be ignored. And hey, you’ll get a free 5% increase in range every day!