How Can You Take Care of Your Shoes?

Shoes have been termed as the protective gear of humans for eons now. With changing times, they have become one of the most significant fashion statements in the world.

Since shoes are paid so much attention these days, you must take care of your collection. Whether they are Taos Trulie or Archie Has, caring and maintaining are necessary if you want them to sustain.

Continue reading to learn some essential steps in order to ensure proper care of your shoes at home.

Clean/Polish Your Shoes Regularly

The first step to ensure that your shoes, such as loafers, sneakers aren’t dirty is cleaning them. As for leather shoes, it would be best to polish them.

You can get the polish and other necessary supplies to start the job yourself. On the other hand, you can also contact the nearest shoe cleaners.

Avoid Dirt in or Over Your Shoes

Your aim should be to keep your lovely shoes away from wet grass, mud, or water puddles, for that matter. Doing so will make the shoes dirtier and even reduce the shoe life.

As soon as you return home from a rainy day, wipe all the muck off the shoes with the help of a clean and moist cloth. If the shoes have gotten wet, do not keep them in closed cabinets before drying them thoroughly.

Another pro tip here is to spray a waterproof protector over the surface of every new pair of shoes that you buy. This step will ensure that the shoes are undeterred by moisture and heavy rains.

Try Not to Wear the Same Shoe Every Day

It is possible that you love the Taos Trulie shoes you recently bought. This love should not translate into you wearing the identical shoe every day.

If you do not mix and match different shoes, they will have a big chance to dry out and even rest before you use them again.

Additionally, don’t store the shoes far away for 24 hours. The shoes would probably be holding sweat and moisture from outside. You need to dry away from the shoes far from the closet confines.

Reinforce the Shoes

Many people add rubber taps and half-soles to their shoes through reinforcement. You can go to almost any cobbler or footwear expert and get your shoes enhanced for a great and affordable price.

The most considerable edge you will receive through this method is excellent durability. Also, while shoes wearing etiquette are being discussed, you must remember to wear socks if you are wearing shoes.

Wearing socks is a good practice because it will disallow your shoes to entertain sole-eroding sweat, which usually permeates shoes with odour.

Wrapping Up

Buying shoes is one thing; maintaining and taking care of those precious pieces is another. You should admit the same energy in shoe caring as you put in while shoe shopping, and voila, win-win for you!

Sweat and dirt can make your beloved shoes – leather or suede dry out completely. This is why you should never forget to polish your shoes regularly. The cleaning and care part will depend on how often you plan to wear them.

On the other hand, you should use these shoes occasionally, resulting in shoe polish being used twice a month. Through these tips, you should be able to take proper care of your shoes.

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