Hiring Rockford auto accident attorneys: Important questions answered

An on-road mishap can change the course of your life. If you have suffered severe injuries, you have many things to worry about. Most auto accidents in Rockford and the rest of Illinois happen because of negligence, recklessness, and irresponsible driving. If you are sure that the other driver acted in a slipshod manner, you need to consider hiring a Rockford auto accident attorney. In this post, we have answered some critical questions about finding the right lawyer.

“The accident wasn’t my fault. Do I still need to hire an attorney?”

The short answer is yes. Getting a fair settlement for your claim won’t be an easy task, especially because insurance companies do their best to deny and delay claims. An accident lawyer can do a bunch of other things for you besides negotiating with the claims adjuster, such as –

  1. Evaluate the worth of your claim
  2. Find evidence and details that can support the case
  3. Talk to witnesses and gather statements
  4. Consult accident reconstruction experts about the event
  5. Take testimonies of medical experts about your injuries
  6. Handle all the paperwork related to the claim.

“I don’t have money to hire an attorney. How can I afford one?”

It is okay to face financial distress after an accident, but that shouldn’t prevent you from lawyering up. Most law firms in Rockford take up auto accident claims and wrongful death lawsuits without an upfront fee. This is also called a contingency arrangement, where the lawyer gets their fee when you win, and that’s a share of the settlement. You don’t need money right away to get a lawyer. However, other expenses could be billed to you eventually, and it makes sense to discuss those aspects in advance.

“How to find the right accident lawyer?”

There are numerous websites like Justia and Nolo, which have listings for most cities in Illinois. If you know people who have worked with an auto accident lawyer in the past, you can get references. The best way to compare your options is to check the profiles of various shortlisted lawyers. Check if the attorney has experience working on accident claims and if they have been to court. Most injury lawsuits are settled outside of the court, but if needed, your lawyer should also be able to go to court.

Call a lawyer soon after the accident so that they can work on the case immediately.