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Whether you’ve just started watching Danganronpa or you’re a seasoned viewer, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. So, in order to help you get started, we’re going to go through some of the most important characters and tell you everything you need to know about them jobexpressnews.

Makoto Naegi

Known as the Ultimate Hope, Makoto Naegi is an ordinary guy with a very special skill. He is not only a member of the 14th Division, but also the Ultimate Lucky Student.

He had a naive crush on Sayaka Maizono. He also has a strange sense of optimism and is a believer that the answer to life and death is hope. He also believes that a person should be more forgiving to people in despair.

He had a crush on Sayaka for years, and was very impressed by her performances when she became an idol. However, her plan to blame Makoto for the murder of Leon was foiled.


Originally, Aoi was meant to be a “Younger Sister” type character. She was designed to be cheery, happy and positive. Her character was also intended to be a source of comfort to the cast.

Aoi was also intended to be a representative of the Olympic Games. She was supposed to be dark-skinned and athletic. She swam competitively and participated in several sports.

Aoi had a very close relationship with Sakura Ogami. They spent most of their free time together. They became friends, and shared a passion for athletics. They were also classmates. They shared their dorm room. Aoi often wore her hair in a ponytail. She also wore a white top and a red track jacket.


During the course of the series, Kiyotaka Ishimaru (also known as Taka) becomes a character of interest. Kiyotaka is a member of Class 78th, a group of students trapped inside the Hope’s Peak Academy. He is a member of the disciplinary committee.

He is a leader with a strong sense of duty. He wants to lead his classmates on the right path. He believes that anything is possible. He is also passionate about studies. He has a fearsome face. His eyes are red and his hair is spiked. His clothes are military-based makeidealcareer. He wears a white suit and black lace-up boots. He is also known for his fierce manner of speech.


Anime and video game actor Tyson is known for playing the role of Hifumi Yamada in the Danganronpa series. He also has been known for his work in Attack on Titan, One Piece Film Gold, and Steins;Gate. He has also written and produced the series, as well as working as a scriptwriter for Funimation.

Danganronpa is a visual novel and text based adventure game. The series is known to be very popular in Japan. There are two main games, Danganronpa IF and Danganronpa Another Episode. Both of these games feature a large cast of characters, but most of them are from the original series.


Unlike the rest of the characters in Danganronpa, Toko is not a full-fledged member of the Future Foundation. However, she is a very important member of the team and is instrumental in helping the protagonist Makoto defeat the mastermind.

Toko has a large trust issue and suffers from a persecution complex. She often accuses others of thinking bad things about her. She also has a tendency to self-victimize getcareergoal.

Toko suffers from Dissociative Seriescoldeweytechcrunch Identity Disorder. This is a psychological disorder most common in early childhood. Often, it causes severe psychological trauma. However, Toko has managed to overcome this condition to become one of the most talented writers in the world careerpioneer.

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