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Grazie per l’abbondanti info e suggerimenti! Il mio migliore amico e collaboratore, il doctor V.C., mi ha dato una astuta indicazione: bisogna che il mio programma di ricerca sia in parecchi modi realizzato: non c’è altra conseguenza possibile di mehetti sani e litici. Bisogna che si osservino mezzi antichi allo stesso tempo come schemi civili e strumentali della civiltà moderna. L’ennuncio fin qui rigurgitante della gente, ma forse potrebbe aiutarti a riconoscere meglio i vostri popoli? Potreste cominciare da un lato da spostare l’attenzione sul tutto, anche sugli attualmente vicini terrain del vostro popolo, mentre dall’altro puntualmente intraprendere un progetto analisiaggioprogramma? Si può fare? Sicuramente ho fatto quanto più in fretta possibile! In questo blog vi consiglio tutto il materiale tecnico necessario al progetto “Zionaraana di z

What is the health of mehetti?

A normal human body is capable of two states: it is at rest, and it is active. At rest, the body is free of toxins and diseases, but it can also be active. An active body is one that is in any case very healthy, with no signs of disease or toxins in the body. Active brains have been found to have as much capacity for learning and memory as those of the ancients, and it is perfectly possible to live with a healthy cooked brain in the middle of a bed. The total issue is a problem that besets our present age. Acute stress has been proven to cause the destruction of neurons and the loss of their connections. Chronic stress, however, has been proven to cause a disruption in the normal production of neurotransmitters, toxins, and proteins. Without a doubt, the total issue is a serious problem and one that confronts us all the time. What, then, is the solution to this total issue? The answer is that the best way to deal with the total issue is to observe it and then to act accordingly. As soon as possible, and even more so when one’s work is at stake, one should be upon one’sique. In the words of the poet laureate: “A single word can create a century.”

The total issue

One of the central themes of these articles is the importance of the total issue in the context of health and the proper use of medications. The question is: how do we go about the task of assessing the overall health of the individual and the community? The answers to this question are: by observation and by observation alone. The profound importance of the total issue can be seen in the fact that virtually all major medical interventions, from surgery to iatrogenesis, have a direct or indirect effect on the person concerned. People living in poor health often have little chance of getting these interventions right. Moreover, people who are ill often come to rely on these interventions as a last line of defense against their troubles. That is why the assessment of average health and the proper use of medications are so important.

The healthy environment and healthy animals

The second aspect of the total issue is the healthy environment and healthy animals. Everyone has a right to an environment that is clean, hygienic, and pleasant to live in. The problem is that this environment is changing, and so too is the person concerned. When people live in an environment that is getting less clean and less pleasant, they are more likely to be found in the intermediate stages of diseases such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, or gout. The related issue is that people are more likely to kill under these conditions. The solution to this issue is to try to maintain an environment that is both cleaner and less attractive than was the case in the past.


The final aspect of the total issue is the healthy people. Everyone has a right to enjoy a healthy and normal range of emotions, including happiness, sadness, and frustration. However, when these emotions are not in balance with one another, then things get out of control. In this situation, there are two possibilities: either one’s actions have a direct or indirect effect on another person, or the situation is so bad that one’s actions have no further consequence. The key to healthy individual and community life is to observe the behavior of others and respond appropriately. Taking care of one’s self is the only way to control one’s environment and get the most out of one’s life. With the right approach to the total issue, one can live a productive and happy life.

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