FIFA 23 – ‘Showdown’ Danny Ward Now Available

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It’s now post-World Cup and every domestic league around the globe is now back in action.

For fans of the English Premier League, cumulative Boxing Day matches are upon us, and in FIFA 23, two (2) new ‘Showdown’ Player Cards have just been released to commemorate the return of England’s top-flight competition.

One of the special cards introduced comes in the form of Leicester City’s trusted goalkeeper, Danny Ward, ahead of the team’s must-win match against on-form Newcastle United.

Ward’s latest ‘Showdown’ Player Card bolsters many of his in-game stats, making him a great addition for new UT players to have right now:

(GK) Danny Ward’s ‘Showdown’ Player Card: OVR 86 (+11)

  • Diving: 87 (+12)
  • Reflexes: 87 (+11)
  • Handling: 86 (+13)
  • Positioning: 86 (+12)
  • Kicking: 80 (+13)
  • Speed: 56 (+11)

The 29-year old Welsh international is now entering his prime, just like many other world-class goalkeepers who reach their peak around the ages of 30 and 32.

In FIFA 23, Danny Ward has the Controlled AcceleRATE type and is a dominant right-footer on the field.

If you’re new to UT, Danny Ward might be a good recruit for your squad, unlocked via an easy Squad-Building Challenge (SBC), requiring only one (1) squad submission (11 Players in each Squad):

    • Minimum number of Players from English Premier League: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 84

Ward’s SBC here will expire on the 26th December 2022 (Monday) so you best be quick if you want to nab him for UT right away.

Additionally, you can also buy him from the Transfer Market, sold around the following prices:

  • PS/ Xbox: 31,60 FIFA Coins
  • PC: 29,950 FIFA Coins

If you’re interested in buying him instantly instead of completing the SBC, it might be best for you to purchase additional FIFA Coins to do so.

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