FIFA 23 – Leicester City’s Legend Jamie Vardy’s Still Incredible

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Leicester City’s prolific striker, Jamie Vardy, has high hopes of continuing his stellar double-digit goal numbers this season, and in FIFA 23, the 35-year old Englishman could still be ranked amongst the best forwards of the new game!

Direct and no-nonsense, Jamie Vardy is the perfect example of how a cultural speedy striker looks like from previous eras.

Many strikers have different playing styles and trademark attributes that offer distinct tactical advantages for their respective teams to leverage on, and Vardy is Leicester City’s hope of goals in every single game.

However, as good as Vardy is, he is now in his mid-30s, and the team seems to be struggling whenever he is out of form.

As we all know, FIFA player ratings not only weigh individual talents, but also team performances as well.

Hence, with Leicester City languishing tenth (10) last season after several superb runs that managed to put them inside the top four for a while, Vardy might not be able to push his rating further towards the elite 90s mark, with his rating possibly being:

(ST) Jamie Vardy’s Potential Player Rating: OVR 85 (-1)

  • Pace: 85
  • Shooting: 84
  • Dribbling: 78 (-2)
  • Physicality: 72 (-1)
  • Passing: 68 (-2)
  • Defending: 52

Undoubtedly, Vardy should already see some decline for some of his secondary traits, especially given that Leicester had not been competing in Europe consistently.

That being said, Vardy still deserves to keep his primary abilities – finishing and speed – untouched because of how he repeatedly carries his team throughout each season by scoring crucial goals, like he did with his fifteen (15) goals last season.

Nevertheless, we can never know for sure until FIFA 23 finally launches on 27th September 2022 (Tuesday) next month.

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