European Handicap Betting  and General Concepts to Know

Europe Betting  This is one of the most popular types of bets and is loved by many people in the field of betting. To better understand the European odds as well as how to read the odds correctly and effectively, continue reading the article below.  will help you answer your questions and capture the necessary information.

The general concept of  european handicap betting 

Many people wonder about the European handicap and do not understand why it is also called 1×2 in the bookmaker’s betting table. European Handicap is a popular type of bet in football betting, especially in the European region. Statistics show that this rafter is more popular than Asian rafters and over under. Probably because of the attractive rules of the game and the possibility of big profits.

When participating in European rafters, players will have to predict which team is stronger and weaker in the match. They will then make predictions about the final outcome, including a win or draw option. The doors of Europe Betting includes: Home team wins, draws and loses.

Betting on European rafters is more popular than Asian rafters

How to read and understand  European betting  symbols

When discovering about european handicap betting , Many people are interested in the red symbol and its meaning. That’s right, the team marked in red is usually the stronger rated team in the match. On the rafters table, you will see three vertical lined up odds with the following information:

  • 1: Home team wins.
  • X: Draw
  • 2: Away team wins

Players will choose one of three bets corresponding to the amount they want to bet and determine the correct outcome of the match. When there are three cases to choose from, the player has a 33% chance of winning. This rate is considered quite attractive to those who like to participate Europe Betting .

 european handicap betting  in football has the symbol 1×2

Example of  european handicap betting 

For an explanation of European bets, see the example of the match between Morocco and Iran. On the odds table you will see the odds written as 2.26 – 2.95 – 3.35. The odds show that Morocco is the team that is rated higher than the opponent.

The odds are explained as follows:

  • If Morocco wins, the player bet gets 2.26 times the original bet.
  • In case the match ends in a draw between Morocco and Iran, the player will receive 2.95 times the original bet.
  • If Morocco loses the match, the player will receive 3.35 times the original bet.

How to read European bets is very simple. Even beginners can easily understand and participate. However, to make an accurate prediction, players need to understand the tournament, the participating teams and the history of the confrontation. This increases the odds of winning a higher bet.

Example 1×2 European handicap bet between Morocco and Iran

Great  European betting  experience for you

Gambling not only depends on luck, but it can also be easier to win when applying smart playing tips. Here are some ways to help you win when European betting .

Know about 2 teams

When starting to participate in  European betting , it is important for everyone to understand the rules of the game and how the bonus is calculated. However, to win in this bet, you need to be better prepared and master the information related to the match.

To make an accurate judgment, you should monitor relevant information such as press releases, social networks and confrontation history between the two teams. The information to pay attention to includes the ongoing tournament, the participating team, the force situation, the starting lineup and the status of the coach. Moreover, it is necessary to look closely at the key players, whether anyone is injured or unable to play.

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Follow the match

When joining Europe Betting , depending on your personal preference you can choose the first half or the second half. Each team often uses different playing tactics, which can lead to significant changes in the game.

There are matches, both teams will aggressively attack and score from the first half. Meanwhile, there are confrontations that see both sides approach cautiously. Then, in the second half, one of the two teams started to dominate and scored a surprise goal.

Choose a time to bet

According to betting experts, to have a high chance of winning, players need to know when to bet wisely. The best time to place a bet is usually around 3-5 minutes before the match starts.

The house often uses sophisticated tactics to create subtle pitfalls, making it difficult for players to win. Odds will change continuously until the time near when the match takes place. Therefore, placing bets close to the time the ball rolls will reduce the risk of falling into pitfalls or virtual bets. It is important not to let the bookie manipulate your decisions.

Choosing the right time to bet will increase the chances of winning in  European betting 

The above article has provided enough information to help people better understand Europe Betting .  789BET  regularly share extremely useful betting tips for the community. So, do not miss these valuable knowledge from experts to avoid losing money when participating in betting.