dry skin and dry skin problems

Do you have “dry skin”?

Many people who are prone to problems Not only negatively affecting the external personality only. But it may cause other skin problems, such as peeling, flaky skin, cracked skin, itching, or acne problems. Sometimes it can occur naturally as a person’s skin characteristics. Sometimes there may be other factors involved, such as the weather, bathing too hot. And exposure to certain chemicals can also dry out our skin. It can also be the result of an illness as well. If your skin is dry due to environmental factors, just applying a moisturizer can help relieve dryness.

Every young woman would not want her skin dry. because it makes you look bad Therefore, you should take care of yourself. or see a doctor for a treatment consultation, with concern from facelabs

caused by what

cause of that can be divided into 2 main factors, namely external factors and internal factors

External Factors

Most of them come from external factors. Which has the advantage of solving problems caused by external factors is easier to take care of.

Examples of external factors include:

Weather and environment, sunlight, UV rays

Insufficient water intake, temperature occurs easily during cold weather, low temperature, low humidity in the air. As a result, the skin is dry, for example, when going abroad, the temperature is negative. Will have problems with dry, cracked skin or girls who sit at work, but in the office Sitting in an air-conditioned room for a long time It can break your skin as well.

Also taking a bath with hot water Using harsh products or cleansers will destroy the natural oils in the skin.

Internal Factors

Internal factors such as hormones, heredity, age, congenital disease, health, for example, if you have a history of allergic skin rashes since childhood. or people with underactive thyroid hormone function Or have diabetes, it is often found that the skin is broken easily.

In addition, taking medication Some drugs can also be effective, for example:

Taking medication for acne or some medications that reduce acne

Deficiency in certain nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc minerals


Will look dry, visible grooves of the skin, if the skin is very dry, there will be itching, tightness, irritation. Looks like it’s not smooth Rough and flaky There may be a burning sensation like dermatitis.

how to take care

  1. Try to avoid factors that dehydrate your skin, such as washing your face or taking a very hot shower. Using too harsh soaps or cleaners
  2. Avoid being in cold places. or too hot
  3. Avoid using cosmetics or substances that may harm the skin.
  4. You should not scrub your face too often.
  5. Add extra moisture Usually as the age increases The skin produces less oil. causing the skin to lack moisture Therefore, prepare to deal with the problem by using facial skin care products that contain concentrated moisturizers.
  6. Choose skin care products that help replenish moisture regularly. by choosing the cream used It should be a moisturizing cream. Do not mix perfume or chemicals that may irritate the skin such as Paraben, Alcohol, etc.
  7. Drinking the right amount of clean water will also help alleviate dry and cracked skin problems.
  8. Consume a variety of nutrient-rich foods that help keep your skin healthy. For example, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals, zinc, etc.

What products are good to use?

Selection of skin care products for that. Should choose to use nourishing products that contain oil as well. especially in winter due to less humidity in the air Your skin needs more moisture.

Therefore, the selection should be a product that helps add moisture. (Moisturizer) to the skin effectively.

Start from wiping to clean the face first.

followed by the procedure of washing your face with products that are gentle on the skin and helps retain moisture for the skin for a long time

Should avoid using warm water and using soap to wash your face. Because it will cause the loss of oil that acts as a natural coating more.

After washing your face thoroughly It enters the skin care process. We should always apply skin care products designed for dehydrated skin after washing your face. And should choose products in the form of creams (creams) rather than lotions (lotions).

Because the cream is oily. and the concentration that will retain moisture for the skin more than other types of meat products

In addition, choosing facial care products that contain natural oils. It will help make dry skin feel relaxed. can come alive Including protecting your skin from the sun and UV rays with the right sunscreen is also important to remember.


Question 1: How can we prevent dehydrated skin?

Answer 1: We can prevent our skin from drying out. By avoiding washing your face or taking a shower with too hot or lukewarm water. And should avoid using products that contain alcohol, perfume and preservatives. Including avoiding prolonged stay in dry and cold areas. Or if it can’t be avoided, it should be applied to moisturize the skin regularly.

Question 2: Dry and dehydrated skin how different

Answer 2: Dry skin is the skin’s subsurface that produces too little of its natural oils to nourish the skin. Makes the skin dry, cracked, irritated, flaky, white. and have itching But dehydrated skin is a skin that does not have enough water to absorb it. or the skin is not moisturized, not full of water

Q3: What are some tips for taking care of dry skin?

Answer 3:

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Choose a hydrating type of skin care to help add water to the skin.

Regularly masking your face with products that contain moisturizers It will help add moisture to the skin deeply.

Use a sleeping mask instead of a night cream. Because the sleeping mask contains more intense nourishment than normal cream. Can help restore the skin while we sleep.

Q4: Who is the most common problem with dry skin?

Answer 4:

People who are 30 years old and older The skin is more likely to lose moisture.

Those who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time

People who work or have outdoor activities have to be in the sun for a long time

People who lack certain nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C

People who take various types of acne medication also have a dehydration effect on their skin.

Question 5: Is dry skin more common to females than males?

Answer 5: Studies have shown that it is equally likely for both women and men, especially as they age. The skin is also more prone to loss of moisture, the more people who are exposed to various pollution. In the city too, there is a chance that the skin will dry out as well.

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