Do I Need A Solicitor For A Personal Injury Claim?

Do I need a solicitor for a personal injury claim, or can I go on this route without lawyers? Personal injury involves loss of income, suffering from severe pain, and many more consequences.

If you want to get reimbursement legally, then you must go through legal actions, challenges, and lots of stress. In that case, you need a personal injury solicitor who can guide you through the process and secure you the best compensation possible.

Read furthermore to know when you need to hire a personal injury solicitor.

Do I Need A Solicitor For A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury lawsuits are generally complex cases. Therefore, it’s preferable to take help from professionals like personal injury solicitors in Dublin to avoid the risk of losing the compensation you deserve.

A professional lawyer will hear and examine your claim and guide you on what action you should take. They can also determine if your case qualifies and bring a successful closure together with securing medical and legal costs from the opposing party.

However, there’s no specific rule in hiring a solicitor to manage your claim. You can also pursue the claim by yourself legally. But lawsuits bring in a lot of stress, and if the case is complex, it may become super challenging to win the case and get compensation.

On the other hand, dealing with the liable party’s insurance company can turn into a nightmare as they may not want to settle the claim that easily if the accident was caused by your mistake.

Therefore, it’s sensible to take help from professional personal injury solicitors and let them handle your claim in the best possible way.

When Should I Contact A Personal Injury Solicitor?

You should contact a personal injury lawyer when you get injured in road accidents. 

Although you can pursue your claim legally without the help of a solicitor, there are some times when contacting a personal injury lawyer becomes the first essential step for your claim.

Here’s when you needed a personal injury solicitor the most:

  • Severe Injuries

When you file a case on personal injuries, your compensation amount is generally determined by how injured you are and the potential loss of your earnings.

However, you need to go through many medical procedures to evaluate how much you have injured, so you also need to include the medical expenses in the total compensation. Also, how long you have to take the medical treatment is a big factor.

On the other hand, trying to gather all the necessary information can be tricky and challenging for a novice. This is where you need a personal injury solicitor who can help you to get the highest possible compensation.

  • Medical Dereliction Of Duty

You can take legal action against a doctor, nurse, hospital, or clinic if the reason behind your injury is careless or incompetent medical treatment.

You can legally claim compensation by yourself for medical’s negligence during the treatment. But this case is very complicated, and you may need to face many challenges.

That’s why to complete the claiming process neatly and get the compensation you deserve, you must hire a professional and experienced injury solicitor to win your claim.

  • Permanent Or Long Term Injuries

Whether it’s a road accident, vehicle accident, or medical malpractice, your injury can influence your physical capability negatively. For example, if your injury involves the spinal cord, then it may make you physically disabled permanently.

In such cases, it can be tricky to determine how much compensation you should claim. In fact, most people end up closing the case with a far less settlement than they deserve without the help of experts. 


After the above discussion, you must have cleared your thoughts about do I need a solicitor for a personal injury claim or not. 

The answer is if you really want to complete your legal action neatly and get fair compensation for your injury, you must take help from expert personal injury solicitors.

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