Diarrhoea Treatment

The type of treatment required for diarrhoea depends on the cause and clinical picture. The first examination can easily reveal the type of illness. No laboratory tests are required. However, you should consult a doctor if your symptoms persist or are severe. In most cases, antibiotics are not necessary. A health professional can check the patient’s blood for vitamin deficiencies and other signs of dehydration. Often, the cause of diarrhoea is not immediately apparent.

It is advisable to wash well

People who are suffering from diarrhoea should stay home and avoid public places, as this could spread the infection. It is also advisable to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. As with any illness, staying home for 48 hours is a good idea to avoid spreading the disease and reducing the risk of infection. For children, it is also recommended to avoid school and work for four days after experiencing diarrhea.


If you experience diarrhoea, stop preparing food for others and clean your toilets regularly. Wipe toilets and bathroom surfaces with hot water to remove any traces of stool. If you notice a pattern of loose stools, visit your doctor for an appropriate diagnosis. Remember to keep the affected area clean and disinfected at all times. Even if your diarrhoea is mild, it is best not to leave it untreated.