Contrast Security Announces 150M Strategic 1B Venture With IBM

Detects vulnerabilities in web browsers, mobile clients, containers, frameworks, and more. Partners with AWS, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. Recently appointed senior vice president of cyber strategy.

Funding round details

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsighi, Contrast Security is a cloud-native application security startup that offers a modernized approach to application security. It provides developers with an accurate assessment of their entire application portfolio. Through its embedded code analysis technologies, Contrast helps identify security vulnerabilities in applications. The company partners with AWS, Google, and Microsoft to secure code for many Fortune 500 firms. It also offers self-protecting security software.

The company’s platform enables developers to secure code with ease, reducing cyber risk and time to market. Contrast agents are embedded in data layers and runtime libraries, detecting security vulnerabilities throughout the web browser and across frameworks. It has tens of thousands of developers and customers including DocuSign, BMW, and the American Red Cross.

Contrast Security is valued at more than $1 billion. Its investors include Acero Capital, General Catalyst, and Battery Ventures. Its Series E funding round was led by Liberty Strategic Capital, a venture firm founded by former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. It is expected to use its new capital to accelerate its global growth and execute on strategic opportunities.

Partners with AWS, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware

Having recently announced a new Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM is doubling down on its cloud strategy. The two companies are investing in joint programs and services to improve the time to value for enterprises implementing hybrid cloud environments. The joint venture will include developer training and software development for select vertical markets.

IBM is also launching a new hybrid cloud service, dubbed IBM Cloud Satellite. The service is a management platform that delivers consistent and secure infrastructure to customers’ data centers. It will support both on-premises and VMware workloads. IBM will also be a system integrator partner for VMware, and will provide consulting services for VMware customers.

The company has also invested in the AI, analytics, and security space. They offer products such as Maximo Application Suite, Db2, and Security ReaQta. They will also be providing consulting services to help companies comply with regulations and deliver better experiences to their customers.

Platform for secure application code release

Developing and releasing applications has grown in complexity over the years. This is most apparent when you consider that most modern applications have at least a million lines of code. This makes it essential that the security brethren be on the same page as the development brethren. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to the challenge. With the aid of a reputable technology, developers can create secure application code quicker than a speeding bullet.

Using a proven solution, security teams can reclaim some of their development time and attention to focus on more pressing matters. The best part is, these solutions are free. Developers can sign up for a free trial of CodeSec and be on their way to a secure application in no time.

Detects vulnerabilities across web browsers, mobile clients, containers, frameworks, and more


Detects vulnerabilities across web browsers, mobile clients, containers, frameworks, and more. The Veracode Security Platform provides leading application security solutions to protect critical business software. Its services allow developers to test for vulnerabilities and embed security testing into development. It also provides a comprehensive testing methodology and tools for the developer’s IDE.

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