Christmas and Black Friday Email Marketing: Campaign Ideas

Christmas is almost approaching, and it’s also one of the most significant and profitable times. It’s time for email marketing to properly get ready for this. It takes a lot of effort to run a good Christmas email campaign. Work out the strategy and goals, the design, the subject matter, and the deadline. The same is true of Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Plan ahead of time.

We outline how to ensure your Christmas emails have the finest deliverability possible and give you samples of effective Christmas newsletters.

The strategy for your Christmas newsletter

Email inboxes often fill up with holiday-related discounts and special offers at this time. It can take much work to stand out from the competition and get your audience’s attention. The same holds for other noteworthy occasions, like Black Friday.

Planning your Christmas advertisements carefully is the key to reaching your clients during the holiday season despite overflowing inboxes.

One of the critical success aspects in email marketing is setting objectives and creating an appropriate email strategy. Particularly for your Christmas communications, this step is crucial.

When developing a business plan, it is essential to have a consultant who can provide meaningful guidance and advice.

However, identifying goals and creating a strategy can sometimes take more work than you believe. For this reason, we are providing you with some advice below to simplify these processes.

  • Analyze your Christmas campaign from the previous year
  • Observe the market
  • Survey your customers and subscribers
  • Set yourself concrete goals
  • Plan the sending of your Christmas emails

How your Christmas emails are guaranteed to arrive

Of course, to be able to send Christmas campaigns at all, you need a high-quality contact list. But precisely, there is where it frequently fails.

In addition to the content, the contact list’s makeup determines whether your Christmas campaigns reach the inbox or are first detected by spam filters.

There are frequently available contact lists; however, they are generally “old.” However, in this context, “old” does not refer to the date recipients are added to a contact list.

Additionally, subscribers that have been on your list for three years or longer can be useful contacts. “Old” refers to the time since they responded to one of your emails.

Start a reactivation campaign for the receivers who last read your emails in four to six months after analyzing them.

To ensure that everyone receives your messages on time, it is essential to consider the project milestones and ensure that you have planned for the Christmas period appropriately.

Additionally, it is time to establish an email list if you need one or believe your contact list is too tiny to use for a Christmas newsletter.

One thing you should never do is buy email addresses. Even if this were legally allowed inside a specific framework, your email marketing would soon be destroyed.

Successful subject lines & content for your Christmas emails

Let’s talk about some topics for your Christmas newsletter now. The subject line is the first piece of content that requires careful thought.

For instance, for B2B appointment setting, the importance of crafting effective emails is even greater. To successfully engage potential customers and create meaningful relationships, you must create subject lines and content that convey your target. 

Improve open rates with optimized subject lines

One of the elements affecting how many people open your newsletter is the email subject line. You have a lot of competition when email inboxes are overflowing. Particularly around the holidays, many businesses send out offers and other newsletters.

Additionally, using data visualization in your emails can help you present information more clearly and effectively. This can make your emails more attractive and engaging, increasing the likelihood of them being opened. Visuals are beneficial when you’re trying to communicate complex ideas or data-driven insights.

How the subject line affects your open rate

After all, the most beautiful and atmospheric email content is of no use to you at Christmas time if your emails are not even opened but rather vegetate unread in the inbox or are deleted immediately. And if you have some difficulties, you may get advice from a business mentor

Anyway, tips for writing effective subject lines include:

  • Address recipients by their names
  • Use numbers
  • Make a controversial or surprising statement
  • Arouse the curiosity of your recipients
  • Use emojis 

Examples of Christmas subject lines are:

  • Happy Holidays, [name]
  • What awaits you in the new year at [company name]
  • We want to celebrate with you, [first name]
  • 10 gift ideas for Christmas
  • 15 tips for a contemplative Advent season
  • Biggest flops of the year in [industry]
  • The best 8 recipes for the feast

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