Choosing A Solar Panel Installer: The Best Local Guide

Choosing a solar panel installer can be confusing enough, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. As solar businesses have grown more comprehensive in the last decade, an overwhelming number of companies will install solar panels for you.

However, when choosing your go-to company, you must make sure you do it considering the hugest facts. It’s vital as this solar panel installation is a long-term investment and quite pricey. You indeed want sustainability from it, right?

We’ve created the best local guide for choosing a solar panel installer to ease your research. 

How To Choose The Best Solar Panel Installer

Follow the simple but crucial steps below to choose the best solar panel installer. Make sure your solar installer company provides you with all of them. 

  • Don’t Settle With A Company That Gives You An Instant Bid

The most common question homeowners ask a solar installer company is, what’s the price per unit? If your contractor is giving you an instant bid just with this question, run the other way because that’s just what a solar installer company wanna be.

A profound solar installer company will never give you a bid just depending on your question. They’ll sit for an interview and ask about your preferences, and they will offer their choices. After that, they’ll give you the bid. 

For those who aren’t clearing your whole idea about solar installation, making money is the only concern most of the time. They’re not concerned about the customer’s betterment. And this is definitely not something you should look for in your solar installer company.

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  • Contactor’s Competency And Experience

Suppose you’ve chosen a particular solar panel type and all the equipment needed to install it. Now, check on the contractor’s competency with the brand solar panel and necessary equipment.

You must do it by asking them as, sometimes, individual contractors are prone to be experts with particular brands and equipment and rarely have experience with other brands. 

That’s why you need to know if they’re experienced and able to do the job with your selected brand and equipment.  

  • Make Sure The Company Has Proper Licenses And Validation

Before jumping into your final contract, check if the contractor has proper validation and all the necessary licenses to do the job or not. Besides, check on their insurance policy, terms and conditions as well.

The whole idea of checking all the documents is to be aware of any fraud. Moreover, make sure your solar installer company takes the liability for further servicing in the future and covers you with a minimum 25-years warranty.

  • Check Previous Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to know if the company can do the job well. You’ll find the reviews on their website online. Simply ask for their website and check by yourself.

Remember, if the company is reluctant to share their customer’s reviews, this can’t be your go-to contractor. 

  • Compare The Price And Offerings of The Company With Your Budget

When you find everything pointed above fine, ask for the bid. After that, recheck their offerings compared to the bid. See on your budget too to be sure you’re getting everything you want and possible with the budget from the company. 

Final Words

Hopefully, now you got all the ideas regarding choosing a solar panel installer. Before hiring a company, check out the price offerings, license, validation, isntalltion process, etc. 

However, if you’re looking for the best solar panels in Ireland and installation, we’d highly recommend Clover Energy Systems. 

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