Can Rain Stop Mosquitoes from Biting You in Escondido?

Mosquitoes are annoying pests that tend to carry and spread diseases through their bites. Those who are in areas prone to mosquito infestations know how infuriating these bugs can be. If your house is infested by mosquitoes, it can be a nightmare to spend time in your backyard. Thankfully, there are Escondido mosquito control steps you can take to minimize the presence of mosquitoes. These include minimizing excess vegetation, maintaining a well-cut yard, and getting rid of standing or stagnant water around your house. 

Whenever it rains, the infestation can get worse. Keep reading to know why:

Eliminating Mosquitoes After Rain

Did you know that mosquitoes tend to like rain and humidity? While the majority of mosquitoes hate the rain, mosquitoes love it for many reasons. They venture into the rain, so they can lay eggs. When it starts to cloud outside, these bugs will lay eggs like a party.

When it rains, puddles of water are made in a lot of places such as buckets, flowerpots, dense vegetation, and old tires. Mosquitoes will move to the standing water to lay thousands of eggs. These eggs can hatch when left untouched, causing a serious mosquito infestation in and around your house. It takes just 24-48 hours for the eggs to hatch. After the bugs have fully developed, they can start feeding on blood. 

How Mosquitoes Navigate in the Rain

Mosquitoes can effectively fly even during rainfall, although their flying activity can become limited because of the rain. They can deal with the rain with ease without feeling bothered. They can easily pick themselves up when hit by raindrops. Due to the size of mosquitoes, the effect of falling rain will not harm or kill them. These pests love it when it rains and fly while the majority of pests hide. 

But during heavy rainfall, mosquitoes will seek shelter. Usually, they hide under structures or leaves until the rain stops. Also, they look for dark places to get protection against falling raindrops. In addition, if the rain is manageable for mosquitoes to fly, this remains a perfect time for them to find their next meal. Thus, they may bite you even if you are in the rain. Typically, you may not notice these bites as you will be distracted by the rainfall.

Eliminating Mosquitoes After Rain

If you don’t want mosquitoes in your yard, get rid of standing water right away after rain. This way, mosquitoes won’t have breeding and resting places. Also, to ensure your property is not infested with these pests all year long, hire a pest exterminator.