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The BJP, RJD, and Nitish government all used the same song in their election campaigns. The BJP version refers to a “song of development”, and says that a development song must focus on the state’s people, not its politics. The Congress, however, reacted by using its own ‘ka-ba’ to criticize the performance of the NDA government and its policies towards migrant workers.

There are many types of Bihar folk songs, ranging from those in Hindi to those in Bhojpuri. One of the most popular songs is the ‘Kunwar Singh’ song, which is sung by Munna Singh. It is 8 minutes long and is available on JioSaavn. If you want to listen to the original version, try clicking the link below. The Bhojpuri version of the song is available for download on JioSaavn.

The most famous Bihar folk songs are Harkirtan and Astakam. The lyrics of these two songs are often chanted 24 hours at Hindu religious places. The region is also known for its Caste Bhatt, a group of singers with traditional musical traditions. The Sohar song is performed by small groups during the birth of a baby. Besides, transgender people often sing for a living, and the singers are known for their deep connection with Bihar.

After the death of Lata Mangeshkar, many of the songs from Bihar have been played outside of India. Indentured labourers from Bihar were taken to places like Mauritius, South Africa, and the Caribbean during the nineteenth century. Moreover, Muslims from the region migrated to Pakistan and Bangladesh after the partition. The Bhojpuri folk songs of the state were originated by an artist named Bhikhari Thakur. This genre of music includes dholak, mahedar misir, and bhajaniya.